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Default Re: Music-- worse as it progresses?

I honestly don't believe that the kind of music a person listens to affects their daily life, for the most part. I listen to techno and a little bit of metal all the time, and it doesn't affect anything. If people who are in a stage of desperateness, they'll be willing to listen to anything and just accept whatever they hear.

If it isn't from music, then they'll get it from television, movies or magazines. I don't think anyone's life is dramatically changed because of music, it can only be changed if they want it to be changed, and out of all the possibilities they have seen, they will choose whice one has the most influence over them.

Has music gotten worse? Without a doubt yes, for some of the music that is accepted today wouldn't have ever reached the shelves many years ago. I have seen lyrics from metal bands and most of them are alarmingly satanic. However, there are millions of people who can listen to that and it wouldn't affect their daily lives, while others will begin to soak up the culture and have it affect the way they dress and behave. They believe this is the only solution since the world around them is only offering them pressure and problems. However, these sort of people are rare, and the reason for this is they're the only people who have been seeking a solution to their daily problems but have been unable to find one.

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