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Default Re: Blank's Nuzlocke Log [RBY]

Lolyeah. That'll be borderline impossible, I'm sure. D:

Alright, done grinding, let's go- Oh, wait, moar wild pokemons. D: Well, let's see. Weedle Weedle Caterpie Weedle Weedle FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUU POISONED METAPOD

Bah. I'm stuck smack in the middle of Viridian Forest and Twix is poisoned. I know he won't make it already. And so, there's nothing I can do but watch as Twix's life slowly fades away. And he was almost a Butterfree, too! D:

Well, I figure that I should at least evolve Twix before he passes, so I find a Caterpie and mash it to pieces. I really almost started crying when I saw that he had evolved. About 5 steps after, he dies.




Well, I'm in Pewter City now and I'm totally clueless as to what I should do. Both Skittles and Wispa won't like facing Brock so much, and I really have NO IDEA what to do. D:

So, what do I do?


Skittles is now a level 20 Charmeleon. Wispa is a level 20 Pidgeotto.

GOOD. Somehow I made it through that Gym. :3 I'm rather proud, but now OSHIT MOUNT MOON. How am i gonna do this? D:


[Skittles] Charmander -> Charmeleon
[Wispa] Pidgey -> Pidgeotto
[Twix] Caterpie -> Metapod -> Butterfree [RIP]

R.I.P to Twix. Friggin' Weedles. ;_; This Nuzlocke thing is seriously hard on the mind. Oh god, I'll probably be crying by the time I'm in Lavender Town. How am I supposed to get through the Pokemon Tower when Twix might be one of the ghosts? ;_____;
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