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Default Blank's Nuzlocke Log [RBY]

Hi everyone! :3 Many people have heard of the Nuzlocke challenge. It's a much harder (and more emotional ;-;) way to play the Pokemon games. I have never played a Nuzlocke game before, so I decided to try it out with my old Pokemon Red game cartridge. The rules I played by were-

1] Once a Pokemon has fainted, it has died.

2]You may only catch one Pokemon per route.

3] All Pokemon must be nicknamed.

4] Pokemon Centers are the only means of healing.

5] Set battle style.

6]Once all your Pokemon have died, it's game over.

Thanks for reading! :3


Current Team

[Skittles] Charmander -> Charmeleon

[Wispa] Pidgey -> Pidgeotto

[Twix] Caterpie -> Metapod -> Butterfree [RIP]

[Jello] Jigglypuff

[Swedish Fish] Magikarp

[Licorice] Paras -> Parasect


RIP Twix

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