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Default Re: What's Your D/P/P Team?

In my first playthrough:
Empoleon, Crobat, Medicham, Abomasnow, Rampardos, Dialga

In my second playthrough, I imported a bunch of pokes:
Typhlosion (the same one that is now on my main team), Electabuzz, Pupitar (I never got around to evolving these two), Lapras, Xatu, Scizor

In my third playthrough:
Torterra, Luxray, Honchcrow, Toxicroak, Lumineon, Azelf

And finally, when I got platinum, I imported a bunch of pokemon as well:
Blastoise, Metagross, Tyranitar, Steelix, Sandslash, Zapdos (the same one that is now on my main team)

Each of these playthroughs occured about a year apart from each other.
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