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Default Re: The Life Quoting Thread

Might as well post here.

These happened when we went on holiday to Spain.

We were being stupid in a park, and my brother and his friend were standing at the top of a slide.
Person 1: I'll give you five euros if you do a pee down that slide.
Person 2: Sure. *Pees down the slide*
Person 1: What the hell?
My brother: *Goes down the slide through the pee*
I was being insulted by my brother's friend.
Person 3: Ok, I'm sorry.
Me: Really?
Person 3: I'm just sorry that I'm beautiful.
Some guy is performing a song on stage. Me and three boys are there. One of them is sitting on a chair.
Person 1: Look, he's singing to you.
Person 3: *To the guy on stage* Hey, over here!
Person 4 (on chair): *Laughs*
*Me, and the two boys who aren't sitting down start laughing our heads off*
Now some other ones. (I can only think of one right now.)

We were doing a Spanish lesson. We had to make comics.
My friend: *To the teacher* What's walnut in Spanish?
Teacher: I don't know. *Goes to look it up*
Me: Why do you want to know what walnut is?
My friend: *In a weird voice* WALLLL-NUT.
Yes, my life is weird.

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