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Default Re: What is your Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Team?

This is my Emerald team atm:

- Swampert - Lv. 69 (Lulz)
- Item - Amulet Coin (That's right, raking in the cash!)
- No check on the EVs/IVs...
- Nature - Bashful (Yeah, neutral, w/e)
- Moveset - Earthquake, Ice Beam, Return, and Surf

... and that's my team! Haha. I thought it'd be fun to go solo with Pert and gee whiz has it been easy so far. I'm currently annihilating Team Magma's hideout in the game.

I suppose I should mention the HM slaves too - Nincada, Gulpin, and Skarm. (<3 u guise no homo!1)
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