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Default Re: Signature & Avatar Showcase

Originally Posted by Giratina View Post
So since I appear to have been skipped over and I have more stuff to show anyway, GET READY FOR A BARRAGE OF UGLY NEWBIE GRAPHICS. All of them were requests or gifts for people on another site, so there's a truckload of KH in them. There are a lot of problems in 'em, I know, but... have mercy? Please?


(...there seems to be not much changed here. the text is a little too clashy with the black background, and you might want to clean up the white circles a litte. they look like crumpled paper.)
(not very good here, i don't think... the background behind Cid is... boring. in my opinion, the eye should observe both the background and the render/C4D as a whole, and the eye is distracted by 1. the render and 2. the writing. also, a border around the background would be nice.

i do, however, like the bar floating above the background; i've never seen it before.)
(this one is much better, background-wise. but it would be better with a border.)
(nothing wrong here; though the second orange one looks less better than the first.)
comments in parenthesis.

^--inspired by the song Dracula, by Rob Zombie. give all the comments you can, this is the first tag i've made with lyrics in the bg.
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