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Default Re: Noctowl Guardians {RP}

Name: Lolita Savanna
Location: Peak of Sootopolis City
Activity: Lost in thought
Alliance: Noctowl

Lolita merely stared at the storm, petting Dart's head. Dusk looked out ahead before jumping down from his perch and spreading his wings. "I'll go warn the people of the storm," he merely said to Lolita. She nodded and watched Dusk glide down into Sootopolis before looking at the clouds. "I wonder... if I could ever have a chance. With what's going on... in the end... when peace is restored... I'll probably go back to my peasant life... mostly because of how simple it is. Always quiet... just like this but yet full of hustle and bustle as well... you miss that life, don't you Dart?" she asked, looking at Dart.

Dart cooed and nodded in response, looking back out at the storm itself. It was pretty close but not so close that it was raining yet. Lolita smiled faintly. "Maybe the Prince can find someone else to be his Queen... maybe not. He'll probably never get over his fiance... it's all a matter of time... no matter what way you look at it," she said, now speaking mostly to herself. Dart cooed and looked at her, flapping his wings gently. She merely gave another faint smile and rubbed Dart's head, who began to coo happily at the sensation. She just continued to stand lost in thought.

Meanwhile, Dusk had been flying around telling everyone of the oncoming storm. People prepared what they had to do to prepare for the storm, knowing it was probably bad if they had to be warned about it. By time's end, Dusk had easily and quite quickly warned everyone. He flew over to the tavern where the line of people was definitely shorter than before and most merely had scrapes and bruises and small cuts now. He flew in above everyone's heads much to their amazement and landed next to the Prince, looking up at him. "I've already warned everyone of the storm, Sir Eagle," he said, looking to the Doctor before looking back at the Prince.

"However you may want to have a talk with Lolita when you're done here. She'll be at the peak of Sootopolis with Dart. Don't expect for her to hear your arrival... when she gets lost in thought, she forgets about most things around her except her Pokemon friends. So I suggest warning your presence to her in some form," he said, flapping his wings gently to hover himself into the air. "I may add she's quite upset with herself for her previous comment which is why I ask you to talk to her. She criticizes herself too much when you're around it seems," he added. "In any case, I'm merely asking so I'm leaving the decision to you, Sir Eagle," he said. And with that, he flapped his wings and flew out of the "medical ward" to do his own errands, probably to take shelter with Celerity.


Name: Adriana Wyvern
Location: Ehunity
Activity: Watching a bar fight
Alliance: Skarmory

Adriana watched as Don walked off toward the place she choose and smiled. "Cmon Blade. Let's see if we can't make ourselves some bar fights, hm?" she asked, smiling. Blade grinned mischievously. "Weav, weavile!" he nodded in agreement. Adriana followed after Don into the bar and looked around the place with a bored look. "Wow... this place is a drag... goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover," she said with a smirk. She took a seat nearby Don and looked around to find some guys that looked like they could get in a real fight.

Before she could cause her own mischief, her dual colored eyes landed on a group of five men coming toward Don. She smirked with a raised eyebrow. "This should be interesting. And to think, I didn't even have to create this fight," she said, watching in amusement as Don merely ignored the men. Before long, the man went too far and Don ended up killing them all. "Weavile," Blade said, crossing his arms over his chest. "Yea I know, we could do better," she said, smirking as she watched Don nonchalantly clean off his sword of blood.

Just then she felt a tap on her shoulder and she didn't bother looking behind her, knowing it was some guy. "Hey sugar, do you wanna have some fun time?" the man asked gruffly. She sighed then smiled and turned around, locking eyes with him. "Beat it or I'll have Blade slice you into little cubes," she said. Blade grinned and his claws gleamed as he got into an attack position. The man merely chuckled. "Oh come now hunny... what's the harm in having some fun?" he asked, apparently unafraid. He also apparently didn't notice her eyes... probably because of the lighting... which made her eyes look as if both were blue.

Adriana merely turned away and Blade slashed at the man's chest, opening it up diagonally. The man screamed and other men got up from the bar. Blade then jumped on his chest, kicking him down onto the floor and slashed his face repeatedly before finally ending his misery with a slash to his throat, almost cutting his head clean off. Blade jumped off the man and licked his claws clean. Apparently, Adriana just didn't want to bother with it as she sipped some beer she ordered during the killing. Once Blade cleaned his claws, he hopped up onto the bar and glared at everyone. He was willing to slaughter anyone that came near his friend.

As for Adriana, she held a bored look the whole time and merely held a conversation with the bartender while drinking some light beer. Of course, it wasn't really a conversation since the bartender kept looking to Blade the whole time with fright in his eyes. She looked around the room as Blade finished up, wondering who to set up with who for a bar fight here. Don didn't make his fights last long so that was really boring. She was having a tough time choosing who to pit against who in a bar fight.


Name: Shadow and Sunny
Location: Plains
Activity: Hunting with Jolt
Alliance: Noctowl

Shadow looked at Jolt as he merely answered with an order to Shadow's question. He growled to himself and walked over toward the pile of Pidgey as Jolt ran off. His sister was actually a vegetarian since she didn't like to harm living things unless she needed to. He rolled his eyes at the waste of the lives of those Pidgey and trotted off after Jolt boredly. Though I may not like Jolt, I do like the Devil Dogs style of fighting... still my sister would object to me becoming one of them... 'tis a hard life I live, he thought with a sigh.

Shadow arrived just as soon as the three Tauros were taken down. He watched from a distance, preferring to keep to himself at this point now. He looked around as Jolt gave off his special call and before long Flame and Vape were coming, hightailed by his sister. Sunny approached Jolt and looked at the Tauros with a frown. She was a vegetarian and was saddened at the lost of these Tauros but Jolt and his buddies had to eat... She looked at Jolt and smiled. Shadow could quite easily tell when Sunny had a crush on someone because she always clinged to them like she was doing with Jolt.

Sunny trotted over to him and looked at the Tauros. "You have pretty good skill. Need help in carrying them back? I can use my psychic abilities... though I should say I'm a vegetarian really..." she said, tilting her head to the side. As she waited for Jolt's orders, Shadow actually smiled. Hmm... if Sunny actually likes Jolt enough she may consider becoming neutral... that's if Jolt shares the same feelings... I doubt he does though. So I won't get my hopes up, he thought as he watched in the shadow of a tree. For now, he would merely observe and help when his help was needed.