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Default Re: LS Dust Collection

LS the Door Mat
LD Battle

LD Shinies Vs. Challenger Xalapeno

[Aerodactyl,Jolteon,Swampert,Gengar,Salamence,Alaka zam] Vs. [Infernape,Garchomp,Kingdra,Dusknoir,Miltank,Starmi e]

Aerodactyl and Garchomp were both sent in and use Ice Fang and Stone Edge accordingly. Next turn they both decided to Stealth Rock then the following turn Aero ko'd with Ice Fang. Infernape came in and mach punched for the ko, then Shinies sent Alakazam to deal with ape. Ape immediately switched out to DUsknoir who got hit hard with psychic and the rock damage. Next Dusknoir protected while Zam used sub and then noir shadow sneaked while zam ko'd with Shadow Ball. Kingdra came in and Hydro Pumped while Swampert came in to take the hit. Swampert expected to take a hit or a switch so decided to endeavor but instead was hit by a Yawn. Swampert switched out to Salamence while Kingdra used Rain Dance to get rid of the Sandstorm. Mence protected while Kingdra Ice Beamed then next turn Kingdra's draco meteor missed while mence's draco meteor hit it hard to hell. Starmie came in and immediately rapid spinned the rocks away while it took a hard Crunch. Next turn an ice beam ko'd the Mence. Alakazam was sent in and starmie switched out for Miltank who took the Shadow Ball. Alakazam used Psychic while Miltank Ko'd with a Body Slam. Swampert came in and got swaggered as it eq'd. Miltank then Body Slammed which got a par but swampert stuck to it and snapped and ko'd with eq. Infernape came back in and ko'd pert with a grass knot. Shinies sent Gengar and psychic while Ape used Flamethrower powered up by BLAZE. Next turn Gengar psychiced and Starmie was forced. Gengar immediately switched to Jolteon as it got con ray'd. Next turn Jolt tbolted ftko.

Shinies: 2000 + Defends
Xalapeno: 1000
Me: 3000

Salary: $48000

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