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Default Re: Noctowl Guardians {RP}

Name: Prince Eagle Razenkorak
Location: Sootopolis City
Activity: Trying to get treated.
Alliance: Noctowl

The Prince watched as the doctor treated her. He was impressed with the skills that he had. He quickly healed her cuts from the different pecks that were thrown at her. He [The Prince] knew that this doctor would be very useful if the Prince was to stop the Skarmory. He was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn't notice when the doctor told him it was his turn.

Eagle sat down and wasn't afraid of receiving pain. Eagle then noticed that Lolita was gone. He knew she will feel bad about asking about his fiance. Yet he had to fix his arm so he could hurry and warn the people about the incoming storm.

Name: Don Kyoti
Location: Ehunity
Currently Doing: In a bar
Alliance: Skarmory

Don Kyoti was walking and noticed Adriana follow him. He also heard how she pointed out a bar to him. Wow usually he chose the bars and his partners had no say in things in matters. Don shrugged it off. Adriana was the first to stand up to him and his attitude. He didn't mind but it showed her courage.

Don went into the bar and took a seat. As he sat down the room became quiet. Five big guys came up to him. "Are you Don", one of them asked. Don Kyoti said nothing and shifted his position to become more comfortable.

"I asked are you Don Kyoti", he asked again. Once again Don didn't say anything. "One more time are you Don Kyoti". Don Kyoti said nothing. The guy brought his huge hand and grabbed Don's shoulder.

"Remove your hand from my shoulder", Don said. The big guy laughed at Don's remark clearly not afraid of Don.

"Or what", the guy asked.

"This", Don said. In a quick motion Don grabbed his sword and sliced the guy's hand off of his arm. He then grabbed the chair he was sitting in and slammed it against the guy's skull. He fell to the ground knocked out. His partners too out their weapons and charged at him. Don blocked the first attack and pushed with all his might.

He then ducked and stabbed the person behind him. He spun his sword and flipped. He then sliced another one. He then stuck his sword into the ground and spun around it kicking two of them. He pulled it out and stabbed them. The crowd gasped. Don grabbed a towel and started wiping the blood from his sword. He then patted all of the dirt form him. He took another seat and asked for a beer.

Names: Jolt, Vape, Flame (Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon)
Location: Plains
Currently doing: Fighting
Alliance: Neutral

Jolt watched as his fellow Eevee cousin, Shadow disposed of the Rhydons. He was surprised at Shadow's skills even using one of the skills that the Three Devil Dogs used. It would be something if Shadow wanted to join them Jolt wouldn't even say no. "C'mon we have to find another type of food", jolt said examining the pile of Pidgey ,"I know everyone is not a big bird fan".

Jolt didn't wait to hear if Shadow objected. He ran into another open plains. That was when he saw a stampede of Tauros. He was pleased at his awesome sense of hearing. He pin-pointed his aim and then everything he could. He shot huge Pin Needles at them. The Needles had hit at least 3 Tauros. Jolt jumped from his point and then a special call.

His brother and sister Flame and Vape came running towards him. "Help me drag these back", Jolt said. They only nodded and started helping him. Jolt knew that Shadow would come too if not he would be at camp. He wondered what the Snorelaxes would do.

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