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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society: Gold Edition : Closed Do Not Post

Hall of fame

This area is dedicated to displaying some of our greatest members who have extremely useful talents or characteristics worthy of special mention. Just click on the name to view a description of the famer.

The 1st Member

Fire Pokemon Breeder
Fire was the first member of the LMSSI, being my best friend is only part of the reason shes on here. Fire stopped things from getting to serious and add some humor to clan.

The 2nd Member


MystiQ joined the clan 4 days after it opened. Other then FLB, MystiQ was the 2nd most stable battler in the clan at that time. He was responsible for the era of time in which everyone was always looking for battles. He is best known for his openness to battling whenever.

The 3rd Member


Bolt was the first person that ever switched over from another clan to be in this one. He teamed up with Fatshine right away, both of them were in the first war. Sadly his time didnt last long but while he was around he was battling everyone.

The 4th Member

Mr Awesome/Undead Reaper

One of the most active member until he left, Awesome was one of the original members who although he spammed he brought a lot of energy to the clan. He battled in one war, and picked up shoddy to fine tune his skills. Before he left he was starting to fine tune his banners, you can find some of them on the old clan page.

The 5th Member

Slasher Dave

Between December 08 and March 09 the laughing man society had what I believed was the overall strongest shoddy battler in pe2k. Slasher Dave dominated shoddy, in his four months in the clan he lost one match. In fact for the most point he 5-0d and 6-0d everyone including Vince. I speak highly of him because he was reliable battler, he won both of his war matches, taught me how to battle competitively and took over doing the shoddy battle point battles. The short time he was around we had what I believed to be a dream team. Not the most active poster, he should be considered as one of the great battlers to pass through here

The 6th Member
Mystry Mew

I feel like an intro is not needed, or at least that any intro that I came up with wouldn’t due Mew justice. For the first six months of clans history Mew made sure everything ran smoothly. He introduced Story Writing, Holiday Sprite contest, and helped run the clan card section. Those things were only part of the things that Mew did. About 2 months in it was clear that Mew deserved more credit and responsibility in the clan. At that point the shop was opened and with him in charge of it, it flourished quickly. During the month of December last year, I lost my internet. Mew and Knuckles stepped up and took over the clan. Mew ran the day to day updates, which then included keeping track of the points. What Mew did for the clan will always be remembered. He proved that clans don’t only need the toughest battlers, they need loyal creative people to keep up motivation

The 7th Member

VincentValentine 4

This is Hall of fame induction has been a long time coming. Vincent was one of the best battlers in the clans history. He was the only member to run this clan other then myself. Vincent stayed on the no active members list for a very long time, because we were hoping one day he would come back, I think that says a lot about him. He was the first king of the hill and at his time he was the only person who could battle both shoddy and wifi at a high level.

The 8th Member


Leki was, and always will be, one of our clans coolest, well-rounded, members. She was an excellent battler but that wasn't what she was all about. She, like Fire Pokemon Breeder (and Samtheguard), was one of those people who helped keep the tension down and kept people on their toes. She will always be remembered by those who knew her, as a wonderful and awesome person.

Voting for the hall of fame shall take place on a pre-designated date and should be announced so as to promote its effectiveness. More details to come


This section is to all those who have made it possible for the clan to run smoothly. Your name mention here indicates our thanks and appreciation for whatever it is you do. Thank you!

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