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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society: Gold Edition : Closed Do Not Post


Sometimes, even the most adamant of people need enforcement; whether it be wanted or not. And here at LMS, we try to have fun, but while staying within the limits of Pe2k, aswell as our own rules.

1) Please Obey all of Pe2k's rules as definded by this
2) Please no spaming, if you aren't joining, or already a member, saying anything relevant and wanted or already an unofficial member, please don't post without permission.
3) Please respect all persons in and outside of this thread. Flamming will not be tolerated.
4) You are not allowed to be in two clans at the same time (Par unofficial members)
5) Be good sportsman and avoid flaming and disconnecting.


(The new system is not in affect. For now go by the old system)

Joining LMS is no walk in the park. With this new system, it will not be biased and will make it slightly more difficult to join, while at the same time phazing out those who do not meet standards. This clan is not a first come first serve basis, and requirements for admission are set high purposely.

If you are not up to going through our own custom process of admission, then we do not wish to hold you back from joining/ applying at another clan. You have to work towards greatness and nothing comes easy here.

In order to join you must: Complete a survey, pass a quiz, and do decently in your test battle.

The survey is as follows:

In Game Name/ Shoddy name:
Current Win-Loss Record/ Highest shoddy score attained:
Summary of why you would like to join:

Members list

(By Clicking the member names, you are able to have a faster means of contacting them if you may need them for any reason)

(Long Term) Experience Ranking List

Over Lord

Dark Shadow Lord (1681 SP)

War Time Congsigliere

Knuckles (440 SP)(35 BP)

Control Mastermind

ShinyShuckle (1201 SP)(15 BP)

Nemisis (55 BPs)

Super Villian (46-54BPs)

Mystery of the Apathetic (53 BP)(124 SP)

Villian (39-45BPs)

Crime Lord (30-38BPs)

Skippy the Great (37 BP)(535 SP)

Arkam Escapee (23-29BPs)

Gangster (16-22BPs)

Megamonk4 (22 BP)(96 SP)

lu1z (18 BP) (806 SP)

Henchmen (9-15BPs)

Bluejello (9 BP) (274 SP)

ScubatheDiverman (9 BP) (150 SP)

Eevee trainer(10 BP)(141 SP)

Dark_Azelf (11 BP)(106 SP)

Jose(15 BP)(123 SP)

Crook (0-8BPS)

Elite Battle Master (2 BP) (85 SP)

zlpqlz (0 BP) (0 SP)

The Unoffoicals
(this list is for friend/former members of the clan, who are still welcome to post and battle whenever they like)

Bloodrazor(8 BP)(54 SP)

Sealboy (14 BP)(547 SP)

Members on Leave

Bullet Puncher(6 BP)(524 SP)

Mattj (10 BP)(255 SP)

Darkrose (5 BP)(355 SP)

GreenEagle (2 BP) (255 SP) (Clans Banner Maker)

themetal (0 BP) (39 SP)

rasta_rude_boy420 (3 BP)(158 SP)

takeru takaishi (2 BP) (128 SP)

Lock Stratos (14 BP)(385 SP)

Broderick (3 BP) (69 SP)

Members General information

Our members ranking list is slightly different from that of your run of the mill ranking list. For starters, unlike other clans, we have two ranking list. One competitive and one long term. The competitive is just a way to get recognized and gain some type of acknowledgement of your skill (if your new and trying to build a rep fast). And the Long term takes alot longer to reach the top, but it illustrates a sense of seniority and power that the competitive ranking list does not accurately define. From the beginning, there are only a limited amount of slots open in the competitive. (You must ask to join this list, if someone becomes inactive for a week, they are dropped from the list and he/she who was next in line is elgible for the postion) This is because this clan was built to suit wifi and shoddy residents equally. How we do this you ask? Out of the maximum possible 18 members, only 9 slots are available for each of the resources for battle. Meaning, 9 slots for wifi, and 9 for shoddy (in the competitive ranking list). This creates a competitive feel right off the bat when joining or staying within the clan. Atop that mountain of pressure; competition begins erupting when you read this next set of information.

Ranking up in this clan is pretty easy. You just battle your way to the top. However, while your going for the gold, there are still those just as hungry for the gold as you, and they'll do whatever it takes to overthrow you. There's no honor among theives in this ranking system. Just report ALL your battles (win, loss, draw, d/c) to me for credit towards ranking up. If you wish to "overthrow' someone, you may challenge them (and make it obvious and clear to them and everyone else) and report the challenge to me. The challenged will then have three days (unless already on a leave of absence) to complete they're matches. THREE matches must be done back to back (same teams are NOT required) with standard rules, or a special set of rules if both agree. As you've probably expected now, again the ranking list is divided to suit shoddy and wifi representatives. For example, the god father postition cannot house two wifi representatives, only one shoddy and one wifi.

In the Long Term Ranking list, you basically go about getting to the top by fufilling these requirements worth a said amount of points.

One Point
  • Buy a battle point with 100 points (your first time you can buy them for 60)
  • Beat wifi representatives wifi team.
  • Beat shoddy representatives shoddy team.
  • Battle in a war (but lose)
  • Battle in a war (and we win)
  • Defeat another clans leader (the other leader has to confirm win/ you must wait 7 days to have a repeat match against the same person for the points.)

Two Points
  • Win clan/Pe2k tournament. (daily shoddy tournies do not count, you need proof that it happened)
  • Win your war battle.
  • Save the clan from losing the war.

Three Points
  • Defeat another clans leader in either a war or in an official Pe2k tourny(This will be a +1 added on to your points from the section above)
  • Hit List, see information below
On going BP Challenges
The Hit List is the newest and perhaps coolest way to rank up. Worth a minimum of 3 Bp. It works like this: Every period a two members will be choosen to be "whacked" one wifi, one shoddy. The other members objective is to defeat this person in they're respective form of battle. Defeating them awards you 3 BP.

On the other hand, those defending have an even cooler chance at BP. It works like this. You will be picked to defend for as long as possible. All you have to do is fend off the others. Every 5 members you defeat is 2 BP toward your record. With this position, You also have the chance to enter the hit list hall of fame.

The hitlist hall of fame works like this. You basically defend your record for as long as possible. Every day you accept a challenge is a day added to your fame record. If you feel that you've set a decent record you can "retire" your record and give someone else a chance to beat it.

Those that defeat a record are awarded one BP.

Are you fame worhty?

Competitive Ranking List

Total Members

God Father(s)

Shot Caller(s)

Street Soldier(s)



Unoffical Member(s)

Waiting list:
(those atop are enlisted with more priority)

If your just a friend to our family or want to join but were full, just ask permission to become an unofficial member and I'll give you as close to the same rights as my own members. Be sure to ask permission otherwise its spam. Thank you.

(*Indicates amount within maximum members threshold)

--General information about member and unnoffical member job listings can be found (here)--

LMS member job listings and general information

(*Indicates avalibility to unofficial members)
(**Indicates must involve an actual member)

Tester (shoddy/wifi)
Clan Store owner**
Banner/Sig/Avy/User bar creator*

Cloners use they're skills to clone pokemon for clan members in need.


Raters rate others team using they're own intellect and research to catalyze our members performance.


Testers tryout new hopeful members and try to accurately pin point they're level of play and possible contributions to the clan


Tutors either increase the already decent depth of knowledge of those in our clan or go out and teach others so that they may possibally become of use to the clan if ever a situation were to occur and we needed a new member.


The clan store ownerr runs the clan store (in our name) while distributing the rewards throughout the clan on give aways


Banner makers create custom material for our members to look as flashy as they truly are.


Youtubers create videos of our epic battles to display to the world how truly tactical we are.


All those who assist with jobs will be added to the credit list so long as they're work is acceptable.

Dragonair: 33054
Dragonite: 33129
Level100: 33264

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