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Default Re: Art Capture Method

Oh, forgot to mention this too. We mostly likely will need some people who are familar with artsites, like DeviantArt, to be apart of the art contests (And I'm not just saying this because I am familar, trust me)
Since there's bound to be a few people who want to cheat and use other people's work. This includes copying an idea or tracing, I'd guess. Again, these are just things everyone will need to think about. I don't think anyone wants cheaters D:

Oh, and if someone links to an account on something lik dA (or other art sites) We will have to keep track so that that person never uses a different account.

Originally Posted by Team_Edward019 View Post
If this goes ahed, I'm SOOOO joining the URPG again, properly and not just because someone needed a noob to battle them >.> I'm pretty 'meh' at drawing, and can't draw hands or feet to save myself, but I reckon I'd do all right at this ^-^ Keep it comin', loving your ideas HKim!
And You are so right. Hands are AWFUL. Feet aren't terrible if they're just standing around or walking. Barefeet are awful too.


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