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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Stick Man
From: My Imagination.
Appearance: A crudely drawn stick man.

AAA: Slashes enemy with a poorly drown sword.
Up A: Pulls his body into a whip like structure, like in Kirby's Epic Yarn and attacks up.
Down A: Whips across the floor, doing a trip
Hold A: Charges for a whip attack which circles around him

B: Lines lash out onto enemy and allow temporary (5.5s) of control. However, dropping them off the edge is not an option, as you get pulled down with him/her/it. He is, however, completely vulnerable like this.
Up B: A poorly drawn helicopter materializes around him which he can pilot. He can hover and fly directly up, down, left or right.
Down B: He clones himself. All stick men copy the host completely in synchronization, and also clone themselves, too...
Side B: Dash attack.

Smash: Does a barrel roll and bounces off opponent. Causes minor damage and large knock back.
Grab: Grabs hold.

Final Smash: Stick men pop out of the ground endlessly, attacking enemies, bringing items to you and giving their lives to restore damage.
How to unlock: On the stage Pictochat, do the Konami Code and you can draw platforms with the Wiimote. After using this cheat, he'll challenge you.

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