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Default Re: Pokemon, The Last Journey | Cameo's Wanted | Chapter 4

This looks like a pretty cool comic! I like it a lot! Mind if I add a cameo character? A Pokemon perhaps?

Cameo Form-
Name: Karell
Type of Character: Pokemon
Sprite: Sceptile from PMD
Team: N/A
Little Bit of Information: After being abandon by her trainer, Karell has been searching for someone to take his place. She makes her home in Viridian Forest, and challenges trainers to battles, just like a normal wild pokemon would do. She usually defeats the trainers that challenge her, however. Only those that can beat her can be her trainer. She grows quite lonely in the forest. She is usually quiet, but talks to those she thinks have either potential or grows very close to. She knows the move Leaf Blade, X-Scissors, Agility, and Mega Drain.

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