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Default Powerful Trainer Maker

I know, there's a 'make your own Gym' thread, but this is to just make any one powerful Trainer with any Pokémon. You can also make Gyms, Elite Four guys, criminal masterminds, *coughgiovannicough*, and other people. Even just a suckish little kid with Lv3 Pokémon! Like this:

Trainer's Name
Specialty (if any)

Pokémon 1
Pokémon 2
Pokémon 3
Pokémon 4
Pokémon 5
Pokémon 6

Prize money, items, etc. (if any)



Voltorb Lv27
Pikachu Lv28
Rotom Lv26
Luxio Lv31
Electrike Lv29
Electabuzz Lv33

Prize: $1730

Yes, Legendary Pokémon are OK, too. They can be any level from 1 to 100,and the prizes can be pretty much anything.

Have fun!

P.S. please don't think I'm stealing the create-a-gym idea, because I'm not. I'm just building off it towards specific Trainers instead of whole Gyms. People can make Gyms, though, and can also make Elite Fours, and pretty much ANYTHING! So, just have fun.
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