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Default Re: Original Lavender Town Music

I don't believe the addiction was ever caused by Lavender Town.

When I played my first game, Pokemon Yellow, I remember being pretty addicted to it. I remember sobbing when my mum would tell me to stop playing, losing sleep, becoming irritable, and all that. I also remember many of my friends went through the same thing. The whole reason for the game not being played so far within those cartridges, I believe, may have been because of the parents. I mean, if my child went that crazy over a game, I'd probably burn it, haha.

Yeah, simple fact that children can hear tones in which adults can't hear. I can still hear a high-frequency dog whistle, and all it's ever given me is a headache. I think the tones simply caused the children to become even more irritable. But nothing supernatural.

People are fed upon this simply because Lavender Town was the one town in which depicted the concept of death in the Pokemon games. To be honest, Mt. Moon also has very high tones, as well as many other songs- Alas, they're never used for stories such as this.

The suicides are real, probably. But they're fed upon a mixture of addiction, lack of sleep, and irritability. Not to forget Japan's distinct, er, reputation for overly-zealous addictions. But the supernatural? No. Despite being a believer in the supernatural, this scarcely bleeps on my radar.