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Default Re: Noctowl Guardians {RP}

Name: Kiera and Riko
Location: A cave/Forest of Thieves.
What you are currently doing: Leaving the cave, then saving a Pachirisu
Alliance: Noctowls

"Um, hi?" Said Kiera "HELLO!". The Snorlax were too busy eating a small bunch of cheri berries "Whatever, the charizards gone now; lets go" grumbled Riko as they left the cave.

It was early afternoon, and the sun was starting to set as the pair travelled through the forest. Suddenly, Kiera stopped and turned quickly to her right "What is it" asked Riko, now looking in the same direction "I hear something, like a....a sceptile!" Kiera whispered. They ran off towards the voices and hid behind a tree trunk. "Now you'll die here you young Pachirisu!" said the leader of grass types, the small squirrel pokemon closed her eyes and looked terribly frightened.

The pair nodded at each other then then jumped out from behind the tree. Bluish white flames shot out of Kieras mouth, cousing major burns to the grovyle as she used Will'o'Wisp, then a stream of flame burst forth from Riko as he badly damaged the Sceptile. "We...will...defeat time we...cross paths" Said the Sceptile as they leapt away through the canopy. "Are you okay" whispered Kiera when they had walked over to the Pachirisu.

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