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Default Re: In the News v 2.0

Oh no it's fine. I would generally post more serious articles that matter on the global scale. It's fine to have some noteworthy entertainment stuff every now and then.

I'm not sure about a developed country being overtaken by the developing though. If anything, China and India are exceptions rather than the rule. Places like Zambia has essentially no hope to get out of this "developing" status.
Wikileaks continue to be under fire from the US. Seriuosly, this country has wayyyyy too many skeletons in the closet. I'm 99% sure Wikileaks has some of the most problematic documents that would hurt the US just as much as the other documents have already done so. Obama's decision to withdraw is a good one considering the revelations. Dirty tricks is interesting though. I'd expect Wikileaks to continuously be under fire until either they be good boys and give back the documents, or they find another means to process and post them. Well, the latter would need balls of steel, which they seem to be having atm.
The withdraw will be completing soon in Iraq as well. Aside from a few troops here and there, that's it. And Iraq will likely remain in turmoil for years to come. At least it wouldn't be as bad as before, I hope.
Iran finally opens a nuclear power plant. The Russians will be there to help out for a couple of years. IIRC the uranium's coming straight from the US or something, so that Iran can't do any monkey business, I presume. I don't remember if this was the case though. If not, Obama would be treading a thin line, abide less thin than the one Bush had.
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