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Default Re: ~All About Contests~

Leaders' Division

The Leaders' Division is a battle league devoted to Contest Battling to earn prizes such as unique ribbons and items. There are currently five battle cities, ruled by a Division Leader, of who a coordinator can battle in B/W Contest style. The rules are very similar to a URPG Gym Leader, but with key contest differences.
--> Instead of a single Pokemon type, Leaders are allowed to choose Pokemon from every range of the attribute that they represent. Types are broken into attribute, which can be found here. Every attribute has three types to draw from, except Cool which has four. Because the Cool attribute has four types, it has to have three of each type instead of the normal four.

--> A Division Leader must have at their team evenly divided along the attribute lines so that each type is represented.

--> A Leader is not confined to any Contest rank, the rank during battles are irrelevant and doesn't matter in the slightest.

--> If a challenger is successful then he or her shall receive the corresponding ribbon and five berries. Upon receiving the Division, the Leader shall choose what five berries to pass out.
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