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Default Contest Rules

You can use any attacks that your Pokemon has learned, provided that you have bought the following extra moves, in the following different Contest Modes.


Contest Modes
  • Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald (RSE)
    Original version from RSE. Players have five turns to appeal to the judge to increase their score. Each move can either add hearts (appeal points) or subtract hearts from the others (jam points). Move combinations is heavily involved. Players can also gain additional hearts from the audience (crowd boost) if specific conditions are met. A comprehensive list of moves can be found here.

  • Diamond/Pearl/Platinum (DPP)
    Altered version in DPP. Players have four turns to appeal to any of the three judges to increase their score. Jam points and move combinations are not played in this mode. Players can gain additional hearts from the three judges (voltage) if specific conditions are met. A comprehensive list of moves can be found here.

[*]Black/White (BW)
Anime version of Contests as found in the television series. Players have to knock out(KO) the opposing trainerís Pokemon to win. Players are allowed to use combos to boost their scores. Each move costs an amount PP to use, that price will increase or decrease as certain conditions are met. A comprehensive list of moves can be found here.[/LIST]

  • Normal Rank: Entry level, any Pokemon can participate at any time.
  • Super Rank: Only Pokemon that have won at least 3 Normal Rank Ribbon in the corresponding category.
  • Hyper Rank: Only Pokemon that have won at least 3 Super Rank Ribbon in the corresponding category.
  • Master Rank: Only Pokemon that have won at least 3 Hyper Rank Ribbon in the corresponding category.

Example: In order for Cinccino to participate in a Super Rank Cool Contest, it needs to win a Normal Rank Cool Contest.


Contest Attributes:
There are only five choices: Cool; Beauty; Cute; Smart; and Tough.

R/S/E | D/P/P
If you want a Cool contest, you should use Cool attributed attacks to raise the Applause Meter or Voltage level, and depending on the rules, earn +1 Appeal Point. Tough or Beauty attacks will not help or hurt the Meter. If you use Cute or Smart attacks, it will lower the Applause Meter or Voltage by 1 level.

If you want a Tough contest, you should use Tough attributed attacks to decrease the PP of your Tough typed moves. Smart and cool will not help or hurt the PP. If you use Beauty or Cute attacks, it will increase the PP of those moves.
  1. Cool Contest
    Compatible: Tough, Beauty
    Incompatible: Cute, Smart

  2. Beauty Contest
    Compatible: Cool, Cute
    Incompatible: Smart, Tough

  3. Cute Contest
    Compatible: Beauty, Smart
    Incompatible: Cool, Tough

  4. Smart Contest
    Compatible: Cute, Tough
    Incompatible: Cool, Beauty

  5. Tough Contest
    Compatible: Smart, Cool
    Incompatible: Beauty, Cute


Contest Rules

Along with the contest modes, there are a couple of optional contest rules. If a rule is not specified to be on, then it is assumed to not be used.

Attribute/Stats Allowed: Can only be altered in Normal and Super Rank contests.
Items Allowed: Pokemon are allowed to hold Scarves.
Gameboy: Each participant selects up to four moves for (each of their) Pokemon for the contest before it begins.

In a normal contest, before beginning, the participants must agree on what contest mode, attribute, rank, and rules to use. After they are selected and the Primary Round starts (if Attribute/Stats are allowed), players can begin selecting their moves. It is up to the players' decision should they choose to send in the chat/thread or privately to the judge. After moves are sent, the judge judges the turn and post the stats for the outcome of that turn. Moves are sent again, and this continues until the end of the contest.


Festivals work the same way as FFAs do basically. They usually occur when a judge decides to host one, rather than a coordinator asking a judge to do one. Festivals are composed of 6 or more coordinators. The number of turns this contest takes is decided by the judge in the beginning. As a rule of thumb, 5 turns is the minimum. The Crowd Meter/Voltage maximum can also be decided, along with a Level 5 minimum.

Players still need to decide the contest mode and rules as well. Any person can participate in any Rank of a Festival Contest, even if they don't have the ribbons. However, they cannot win any ribbon that they don't have the lower rank of. (For example, you can't win a Super Cool Ribbon in a Super Festival Contest if you don't have a Normal Cool Ribbon on the Pokemon that you used.) You cannot obtain Master Rank Ribbons through this method.

Depending on the number of contestants, the number of Ribbons that will be awarded is decided by taking the (number of contestants/4) places, rounded down. Since there isn't a single attribute, the winner of a ribbon can choose its type. The higher the score your Pokemon manages to obtain, the higher you place, which also means the higher chance of you managing to win a ribbon and more money you get.


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