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Default Re: Noctowl Guardians {RP}

Name: Sun
Location: FoT
Activity: Rummaging through a bag
Alliance: Noctowl

I pulled over a bag and started rummaging through it. Hadn't I had a special revive, called a Max Revive, which could bring somebody back to life? My hand wrapped around an object that felt jaggy and I pulled it out, throwing the Max Revive into the air. It hovered in mid-air and started glowing - then a wave of light burst out, making everyone whom it touched smile and think of happy things.

Flare stood up, threw her head back and howled. I felt an urge to howl and soon all of us sisters were howling. Somehow, the force of all us howling made Flare start to float, then she shot forwards at high speed. Her mouth opened automatically and she ate my Max Revive. I would be complaining about that, after we'd got over the shock of Flare dying and become revived.

Name: Flare
Location: FoT
Activity: Awakening
Alliance: Noctowl

I opened my eyes and sat up. I laughed nervously at everyone standing there, looking at me.

"Sorry... how long have I been unconscious for?"