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Default Re: URPG In Black and White!

Muse, I've already got a story lined up for Shimama as well. All I'm waiting for is its movepool so I know exactly what attacks are available to me for it. I BET I POST MY STORY FIRST!

I'm also beginning to want a Tabunne, they so cute XD.

Yeah, the Dream World will definitely be a new capture method. I don't think it'd be too hard to come up with a way to integrate it into the URPG.

What the heck is the Pokethlon? I keep hearing it everywhere but I have no idea what it is >>.

The Miracle Shooter might make Potions and stuff useful again, but I wonder if anyone would bother with them? I mean, I never saw anyone use Potions or the like when they were available, but now I kinda wish we could use things like X Attack and the one thing that increased the chances of a CH (don't remember the name).
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