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Default Re: In the News v 2.0

Originally Posted by Kenny_C.002 View Post
China is now the second largest economy in the world

Yup. That was coming. This quarter has shown that China has now surpassed Japan as the second largest economy in the world (at something like 1.33 trillion). So the rising powers of those "Cruddy Chinese Communist Spies" are totally going to catch up to the almighty superpower of the US and cause the world to become like totally havoc. Or nobody cares because China is only communist in name and capitalistic in nature. Figures.
(source NY Times...when I was reading it this morning in lecture)

Pakistan not looking too hot

That flood there is leaving many homeless and stranded. The irony is that in general most of us are unaware of the millions being affected each year due to floods (China pretty much gets a couple every year...), while there was an increcible about of public outcry for New Orleans after Katrina. Again, I guess this has a lot to do with how close this is to home. Direct impact is one of the things that actually kills apathy.
It's going to happen. China has plenty of the most valuable resource in the world: cheap labor, the backbone of every superpower in every age. I think that, like it or not, once a society becomes "developed" it will be overtaken by the "developing", as the natural cycle of things.

Originally Posted by Sixto View Post
I think this is newsworth.

'Toy Story 3' top-grossing animated film of all time, passes 'Shrek 2.'

Very well deserved, imo.
I don't think that was Kenny's intention with the thread :(

I thought Toy Story 3 was good, but not great.

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