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Default Re: The Epic Journey of Awesomeness

But as you sit there, a dark knight jumps in with a sword and advances towards the old man. You jump up and draw your own sword. The knight rushes forwards, blade flashing. Two blades connect with a "ting" as you parry, dealing back double as you pierce a hole in his armour. You parry another blow quickly, knowing you could easily die. The dark knight is obviously not very well trained in protection and you use your sword to pull off his helmet, and find you have been battling a... a... A GIRL!?!?!

As you stop, she lunges forwards and your parry is late. She pokes your arm with the tip of the sword and crimson blood trickles out. You attack back, aiming for her head. She parries that shot and slashes out at you, met by one of your parries. The girl is obviously a better fighter than you first thought.

Try and make a deal for peace
Continue fighting
Kill her

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