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Arrow Getting Started: READ FIRST!

courtesy of ragnarok0422

Welcome to The Pokémon Ultra RPG, or URPG for short. Everyone is invited to join and new members are always welcome!

-What is the URPG?-

This is a multifaceted game based on the Pokémon saga. You start as a Trainer with a single Pokémon, working your way to capture new friends and battle for the championship.

-Why should you join?-

Because the adventure is thrilling, the community is great, and the URPG is the longest running Pokémon RPG in existence. From battles and role plays to stories and contests, the URPG has something for everyone! Or if you would like something fresh, try out URPG's newest section where you can capture Pokémon by drawing them! If you like Pokémon and you like to have fun, sign up today!

-Getting Started-

To begin your journey, go to Starter Requests (PE2K | BMG | PWN) and apply for the Pokémon you would like to start with. You will also receive $3000 in cash.

After being approved, you must post your Trainer Stats at the Trainer Stats Sub-Board (PE2K | BMG | PWN). You must keep track of you own stats and edit them after every change. Nobody is responsible to keep track of your stats except yourself. You are responsible for having correct information in your stats.

-Main Features of the URPG-

Pokémon Battles!
  • Gameboy-based Pokémon combat without the 4-move limit
  • A Total of 45 Gyms in 6 Leagues
  • A top-notch team of Elite 4 and Champion awaiting your challenge
  • Dynamic Free-For-All battles with the potential for bizarre and creative combat rules
Capture New Pokémon!
  • Multiple chances and opportunities to acquire new friends
  • Write creative and compelling stories
  • Roleplay on adventurous journeys in the National Park
  • Draw some fantastic Pokémon artwork
  • Trade with friends and rivals
  • Win Pokémon in various events and competitions
  • Purchase commonly available Pokémon at the Pokemart
Amazing Activities!
  • Challenging Contests where you face off against your rivals to score the most points
  • Tournaments designed to determine who is the best there ever was
  • Seasonal Competitions to test your skills and earn prizes

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