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Default Trainer Fic Pitfalls (and Truimphs)

Howdy, all! :D

I was wondering if I could get some help with this next little project of mine. I want to enter a new story for the next Fan-Fic of the Year (I think I'll have to post it before September, if I'm really going through with this ^^'), and while I was off on vacation (and playing lots of SoulSilver long hours of driving) an idea struck me. How about about a story about how a Gym Leader makes a name for himself? But in all reality, it'll be a Trainer Fic.

Now, I'm not saying Trainer Fics are bad or anything. There's plenty of good ones out there (like Giratina's Wings Have We.... which I really need to catch up on xDDD). Sometimes, however, things can get caught in the rut. I'd like to keep in mind what things I should avoid falling into while writing this up. I do have some ideas, and I'll try my best not to make it too boring, but I'd greatly appreciate any advice you guys could give. :D

So, what are some pitfalls to Trainer Fics, or what are some triumphs of them? ^^

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