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Default Re: Rebirth: Legendary War (SU)

Originally Posted by IchigoTorisuna View Post
I'd like to make another character! It gets boring with just one. COuld you reserve me for Lugia? I'll finish the rest later today.

Player: IcihgoTorisuna
Character Name: Senshi Gogatsu
Age: 67
Gender: Male
Legendary: Lugia
Appearance: Senshi wears tan cargo pants with a navy blue polo shirt. He has brilliant forest green eyes and beautiful gray hair that looks how a glistening spider web does. As any normal old person, Senshi has wrinkles all over his body, which is expected. He is often seen with a bag full of Taiyaki, White Buns, and Rice Balls. He has a friendly smile that says he is approachable, but not naive like most. He wears a fascinating necklace that is well crafted and obviously foreign hand tooled, with the appearence of unknown origin. He has a snake like shape from his jaw to his cheek, indicating at one time he was in fierce battle.
Personality: Senshi is friendly, yet hard to read, almost to the peak of mystery. It intriguingly draws people to him. His mannerisms are that of a gracious host, yet they let you know not to be to intruding. He almost always has a pleasent demeanor as though he doesn't have a care in the world. He is a very skilled hunter and fisherman. When he transforms he is more than willing to show who's boss and teach them a lesson.
Bio:(Minimum two paragraphs; must include how they met their respective legend and why they were chosen)
Pokemon Team: Floatzel(Mizu) and Buizel(Tsuna)
Other:(Anything else you want to add)
Okay, reserved.
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