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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Name: Syclant
Game: CAP (Smogon)

A rather fast character, all attacks deal a large chunk of damage and deal pretty big knockback. However, meelee attacks deal more knockback than usual, and being hit with ranged attacks pretty much owns Syclant, with Samus's Charge Beam able to OHKO Syclant.

B: Tail Glow / Ice Beam
Once Syclant gets it's Tail glow up, it can deal a huge amount of damage to any enemy, the knockback being able to KO the enemy if it's anywhere near the edges of the stage. However, the Tail Glow makes Syclant unable to move for about 3 seconds, opening up time for an enemy to strike. A more safe solution is to not use the Tail glow boost, as Ice Beam deals a rather large amount of damage.

Up+B: Glide
Syclant's sole way of recovery. This is the only reason that Syclant isn't broken- since it's knockback is huge, the use of a slow recovery move like Glide lets the opponent totally decimate Syclant. However, if you can pull it off, Glide can save the match for you. Another big advantage to Glide over other recovery is that you can still attack while recovering, albeit only in the direction you're facing.

Down+B: Counter
Syclant's way of defending against physical attacks. Counter works much in the way Marth's counter attack does. No explanation needed. xD

Side+B: Cut
The main reason to use Syclant. A fast physical attack that deals a rather large amount of damage and stuns the enemy for about 2 seconds. The knockback makes it harder to abuse, but with Syclant's speed it's not really a problem. The main thing about Cut that makes it so broken is that It can take on all 3 of your opponents at once- the stun time makes it impossible for all your enemies to swarm you, and gives you time to make a hasty retreat.

Final Smash: Blizzard
Syclant flies to the middle of the screen, and giant chunks of ice come flying out in every direction. The ice is HEATSEEKING, and will FOLLOW YOU for the whole duration of the Final Smash- 20 seconds. It's a lethal final smash, but can be survived if you pick up on the pattern of the snow early on.

How to Unlock: Found after unlocking the secret stage "Smogon". Fought directly after unlocking the stage.


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