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Default Re: No cheese for you ! ^_^

Petalburg Gym
Helds On
Normal Weather/Terrain
Clauses On


Ataro VS. Bumblebee16
Staraptor, Snorlax, Ambipom, Porygon-Z VS. Gallade, Bronzong, Gengar, Tangrowth

After using Whirlwind repetitively until Bee had all 4 mons out, Ataro managed to get a Nasty Plot in on Ambipom and Baton Pass'd over to Porygon-Z with Download, whom proceeded to sweep with SA+3 and Life Orb. WTP reffed first half, Stinky reffed second half.

Ataro- $2000
Bee- $1000
Me- $1000
WTP- $1000

Total Salary: $1000
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