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Default Re: Rebirth: Legendary War (SU)

I'd like to make another character! It gets boring with just one. Could you reserve me for Lugia? I'll finish the rest later today.

Player: IcihgoTorisuna
Character Name: Senshi Gogatsu
Age: 67
Gender: Male
Legendary: Lugia
Appearance: Senshi wears tan cargo pants with a navy blue polo shirt. He has brilliant forest green eyes and beautiful gray hair that looks how a glistening spider web does. As any normal old person, Senshi has wrinkles all over his body, which is expected. He is often seen with a bag full of Taiyaki, White Buns, and Rice Balls. He has a friendly smile that says he is approachable, but not naive like most. He wears a fascinating necklace that is well crafted and obviously foreign hand tooled, with the appearence of unknown origin. He has a snake like shape from his jaw to his cheek, indicating at one time he was in fierce battle.
Personality: Senshi is friendly, yet hard to read, almost to the peak of mystery. It intriguingly draws people to him. His mannerisms are that of a gracious host, yet they let you know not to be to intruding. He almost always has a pleasent demeanor as though he doesn't have a care in the world. He is a very skilled hunter and fisherman. When he transforms he is more than willing to show who's boss and teach them a lesson.
Bio: On Senshi's last assingment, as a Ghost Soldier, he was on deck of the Battleship S.S Fog, when an enemy sub was near them and launched a missle at the ship. While he was trying to get below deck he accidentally tripped over a barrel that was rolling around the deck and fell into the ocean. When Senshi fell into the water below, he swam back towards the boat and grabbed a rope that was hanging off the ships side. However, a ruff current came and dragged him under the water again. Senshi was sure he was doomed and would parish at sea. As he began to sink to the bottom of the ocean he began to loose consiousness, but felt someone pulling him back up towards the surface. He struggled to see who was pulling him up, thinking it was a human, only to discover it was the legendary pokemon Lugia. One of his crew mates spotted him in the water, threw him a life preserver with a rope attatched. Senshi wrapped his arms around the life preserver and was pulled back up on the ship.

That was only the first time he saw Lugia. Many years later, after he retired, Lugia found him once again in Sunnyshore City on a boat with a Buizel (Now Mizu). But this time Lugia was the one that needed help. Using telepathy Lugia began to speak to Senshi. "Senshi, I must ask a favor of you." Senshi looked down at Lugia, who's head was partly above the water. "Lugia? What is it? What's the favor?" Lugia smiled. "I need you to become part Lugia and help save the trapped legendaries." Senshi nodded. "I'll help. I owe you that much for saving my life all those years ago." Lugia raised his head out of the water more. "The reason I ask you this is because you are strong anf brave, seeing as you were once a 'Ghost Soldier' and all. You can help save the other legendaries before something bad happens." Lugia dove back under the sea, leaving Senshi and Mizu on the boat in wonder.
Pokemon Team: Floatzel(Mizu) and Buizel(Tsuna)
Other: N/A

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