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Default Re: Noctowl Guardians {RP}

Name: Spark
Location: Tisaneya
Activity: Attacking town
Alliance: Skarmory

I let rip another round of Thunder attacks. Houses caught fire, trees were split in half, my thunderstorm was devestating. Suddenly, a huge tidal wave ripped through the town, putting out the fires. There was only one Pokémon I knew who could do that ; Aqua. I had to find her and save her from the town before I killed her. I didn't want to kill one of my sisters. I let rip another thunder, responded by another tidal wave. Aqua was powerful.

Name: Sun
Location: Tisaneya
Activity: Fighting
Alliance: Noctowl

I jumped down out of the window, catching Moon as she joined me on the ground. The wreckage of our house fell down to the ground, ruined by continous thunder strikes. I ran, trying to figure out where the attacsks where coming from. I finally realized they were coming from the gates of Tisaneya, and I ran forwards, unleashing a scream that ripped through the town and deafened any thunder beasts. It would wear off in a minute, it was just to keep the attacker busy. It failed, thunder still roaring down.

Name: Aqua
Location: Tisaneya
Activity: Saving the town
Alliance: Noctowl

I sent forth two tidal waves, stopping the fires. Thunder was going to be the end of Tisaneya if it was ruined today. I pushed my tail forwards, unleashing a small jet of water at an enemy Magmar. I launched multiple Aqua Jets, trying to get out as many fire type enemies as I could. This attack was brutal.