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Default Re: Noctowl Guardians {RP}

Name: Lolita Savanna
Location: Tisaneya
Activity: Heading for Outskirts
Alliance: Noctowl

Lolita ran off as Prince Eagle barely dodged a lightning strike. To give herself an advantage against electric types, she also had some rubber made into her clothes in order to deflect electrical attacks. She had also gotten in her training as well. She didn't need a ride or anything, she just preferred one. It gave her an advantage in a battle and it also made her feel royal. Sometimes though, she wouldn't be riding Celerity into battle and would instead be fighting on the ground.

As Celerity ran ahead with Lolita on her back and the Prince right behind her now, Dusk flew beside Lolita and Dart came soaring back. He gave his report to Dusk as they continued to the outskirts and Dusk looked at Lolita and the Prince. "There's probably about one hundred Skarmory or more as well as Pokemon who have joined them, including a Jolteon who is conjuring up storms and using them to its advantage," he said. Lolita nodded. "I'll be fine against the Jolteon. I'll take it on while the rest of you take out the Skarmory and the others," she said.

Dart shook his head and spoke again. "Dart says that this Jolteon is really powerful. He's torn apart whole houses with a single electrical attack. I'm afraid I can't let you fight it alone," Dusk translated and said. Lolita stared straight ahead and nodded. "Alright, then, but Dart and Dusk, I want you to split from us. I don't want you hurt with any electrical attacks," she said. Dart and Dusk were reluctant but nodded. "Of course milady," Dusk said. Lolita rolled her eyes as Dusk said milady.

They finally made it to the outskirts and Lolita dismounted from Celerity, standing next to her with her sword out. She never used a shield because it always weighed her down. She stood her ground, ready to fight the oncoming horde. She looked behind her to see other Noctowl Guardians, Pokemon, and just plain trainers alike come to join the battle. She smiled and looked to Prince Eagle. "Well, I'm ready whenever they come," she said with a nod.


Name: Adriana Wyvern
Location: Razen
Activity: Talking to Don
Alliance: Skarmory

Adriana smiled as she watched as he did the rest of the job. She watched the shiny thing come flying into the sky and Talon zoomed ahead, catching it in his beak. He flew back to Adriana and put it in her outstretched hand. It was a pure gold ring with a diamond set on top. She pocketed it and looked down at Don, who now spoke. She gave a smile and sighed, sitting up on Eredus back. "Shall we go down, Adriana?" he asked and Adriana shrugged. "Sure, why not. It's better than yelling," she said.

With that, Talon and Eredus took a dive, pulling up at the last second to land. Blade and Adriana dismount from their respective flight partners and she smiled at Don as Eredus came up to his full height, making him almost double the size of a normal Skarmory. "What I'm doing here is saving your ass and what my name is is none of your business," she said with a smartmouth attitude. Eredus then grinned at Adriana and looked at Don. "What she meant to say is that she was sent here by the Skarmory to be put under your com-"

Before Eredus could finish his sentence, Adriana had punched him on the top of his head, giving a loud metal ring and she merely shook her fist and then cracked it. "Shut up birdbrain," she said. Eredus shook his head and looked at Don with a smirk. "Command," he finished. Adriana rolled her eyes and glared at Don. "Yea yea what the bigmouth said here. But don't expect me to listen to you until you earn my respect. You've probably heard of the infamous troublemaking Adriana Wyvern? That's me," she said, smirking. She definitely had a big attitude problem.


Name: Shadow and Sunny
Location: Devil Dogs Cave
Activity: Following the Devil Dogs
Alliance: Noctowl

Shadow glared at Jolt as he saw the anger seeping up within the Jolteon. He smirked at this and looked away to Vape, who responded to his question. Sunny nodded and hurriedly followed after Vape, her tongue lolling out, mostly due to the spiciness in her mouth. She hated spicy berries and the one she hated the most was the Tomato Berry. Shadow followed along behind her to the back of the cave into what seemed to be their training room.

He looked around as Sunny made her way over to the pond before vape could say anything. She greedily drank some water and let out a refreshed sigh as the spiciness in her mouth was gone. Shadow looked around the area before he heard Jolt speak. He glared away from the Jolteon but then sighed and turned around as his sister came to his side.

"I'm Sunny!" she replied happily and nudged her head against Shadow's as he was about to speak. "And this is doom, gloom and overprotective Shadow," she said, giggling. Shadow glared softly at his sister. "I am not overprotective and I don't bring doom and gloom," he said, pushing her playfully to the ground with a grin. Sunny smiled and pounced on Shadow, causing him to fall to the ground.

He pushed Sunny off of him and stood up, shaking himself. "You'll have to forgive Sunny. She may be my twin sister but she's nothing like me," he said. Sunny glared at Shadow. "That's because you're always gloomy! Like a gosh darn Gloom!" she said, pouncing him back to the ground. Shadow sighed and pushed her off again and shook his head. Sunny then butted her head against his side and he swiped at her in warning for her to knock it off.

Sunny sighed and then smiled at Jolt, bounding up to him. "Well I know all your names! You're Jolt the Jolteon, Flame the Flareon and Vape the Vaporeon!" she said, looking to each one in turn. She then looked at Jolt. "By the way, that was a great Volt Tackle!" she said. Shadow was surprised and growled, pulling his sister away from Jolt by her forked tail. "Hey!" she cried, swatting at his face. "What was that for?!" she asked but Shadow didn't respond, looking away from Sunny and Jolt, still mad.

Sunny then smirked. "Ooooh.... I see... you're mad about Jolt paralyzing me, aren't you?" she teased. Shadow growled. "Of course I am!" he said. "I can't believe you can be so forgiving to him after what he did," he said, glaring at Jolt. Sunny rolled her eyes. "Forgive my brother. He can be stubborn as a doornail and very protective of me. He rarely forgives anyone who hurts me," she said, smiling. Shadow huffed and turned away, going over to sit by the pond. Since they were neutral and although renting the forest to Skarmory, they had no reason to attack them anyway.