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Default Re: Noctowl Guardians {RP}

Name: Prince Eagle Razenkorak
Location: Outside the bar
Currently doing: About to fight
Alliance: Noctowl

As Lolita asked if he was coming he nodded. Quickly he took out his sword. He didn't need a ride like other people. He was did a lot of intense training to come to his level in fighting. He then ran up the nearby wall and starting running up on it. With his eyes he saw a group of Skarmory coming to his position. Thunderstorms was also coming. He was so focused he didn't see one coming at him. But at the last second his Blaziken grabbed him and brought him to safety. He told his Absol to go with him and his Blaziken to go with Vole.

The Blaziken and the Noctowl went off. He then went back to Lolita. "C'mon we don't have much time", Prince Eagle said.

Name: Don Kyoti
Location: Razen
Currently Doing: Fighting
Alliance: Skarmory

As Don Kyoti was about to do more damage. A Weavile and Honkcrow came and joined the battle. He sighed this troop was very persistent. He hurriedly kilt the guy and raided him of any money. He threw a ring to the girl as her payment. "So what are you doing here and what is your name", Don asked.

Names: Jolt, Vape, Flame (Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon)
Location: Their Hidden Cave
Currently doing: Talking with Umbreon and Espeon
Alliance: Neutral

Jolt felt his anger go up. He could sense how the Umbreon didn't trust them. He should run and strike him down right now, but he hurriedly calmed down. Vape then looked at Jolt and Jolt nodded. "We have water in the back follow us", Vape said. Even though the cave looked like it was small it was bigger. When Jolt, Vape, and Flame first found it, it belonged to a group of Donphans but of course they chased them out of it.

But soon they saw how small it was. So repeatedly they used dig and renovated it. It had about 6 rooms. And in the main room they had a list and a map of all the places they captured. They also had a room with their treasures stored inside. They also had a hallway that lead to a garden that they made. It had every kind of berry in each season. But all the way to the bag was their training room. It was a big room. It was big enough for at least 20 Wailords to fit in. But Vape had made an entry where a beautiful Waterfall was able to flow and go into a little pond that they dug up. This was their home.

"There's a waterfall help yourselves", Vape said. The Three Devil Dogs then went by the waterfall to get themselves a drink. All the time fresh water flowed and the little pond almost the size for a lot of Seakings to fit in. They dug a bigger hole and they kept digging until they came to make another room. The pound was wide but deep. If you swam to the bottom you would come to two little holes that Vape used to catch Magickarp. This area was the big ocean that was at the end of the forest. But if you passed the two holes. You would come to a wide spread room. This room had different passages for them to use after they robbed or kilt something. No one knew of it but them and they were pleased with their little cave.

"So what are y'all names", Jolt asked the Umbreon and Espeon.

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