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Default Re: Noctowl Guardians {RP}

Name: Lolita Savanna
Location: Tisaneya
Activity: Listening to Dusk translate
Alliance: Noctowl

Lolita listened as Dusk translated what the Vaporeon said. It confused her. Suddenly, Dusk flew into the air and raced outside the tavern, flying in front of the entrance. "Skarmory! Approaching from Southwest! A lot of them. It seems its a raid on Tisaneya!" he cried out. He turned around to Lolita and Eagle. "There's no time to find out the rest of the message! We have to go now," he said.

She gasped and mounted up onto Celerity who whinnied, understanding what was going on. She took out her sword from her sheath and looked at Dart. "Dart, fly ahead and see if you can get a measure of their forces. Dusk, stay on me. We'll ride to the outskirts and wait for Dart's report," she said, her duty for Tisaneya making her forget about the Prince for a moment. She then remembered the Prince as Dart flew out ahead and she looked to him.

"Care to join me in battle?" she asked, smiling. Dusk looked at the Vaporeon. "We could use your help, too," he told her. Celerity whinnied and reared up, ready to get going. Lolita patted the Rapidash's neck and cooed softly to her. "Don't worry, everything will be fine, Celerity. Just be patient," she said, looking at the Prince from outside the tavern where she had mounted up on Celerity.


Name: Adriana Wyvern
Location: Razen
Activity: Still watching Don fight
Alliance: Skarmory

Adriana smirked when she saw him scoff and just watched the battle. Blade was especially itching for a fight though as he watched Don. His claws twitched in anticipation and finally Adriana gave in. "Alright Blade, go ahead and do your worst," she said. Blade looked surprised and then gave a mischievous grin and nodded, jumping off of Talon's back. He soon disappeared in mid-air before reappearing behind the Pikachu, suddenly releasing a Dark Pulse attack from between his claws at it. The Pikachu was sent flying over the Electivire and Blade disappeared again.

Blade then reappeared beside the Infernape, who was surprised and didn't know what just happened, this time using a Fury Swipes attack, viciously clawing and ripping apart the Infernape before giving a well aimed swipe, sending it flying against the wall. Blade stood there and laughed evilly, disappearing again before reappearing, this time jumping from wall to wall to get to the top of the building, where Talon flew down and Blade jumped on his back, taking to the air.

Suddenly, Talon went into a dive and both Talon and Blade disappeared as they sweeped the ground. Infernape and Pikachu at this point were back to back. They were suddenly slammed into from the sides, Talon using an Aerial Ace as Blade sent the Pikachu flying with a Night Slash attack. Both of them got back to their feet and the Pikachu sent a Thunderbolt at Honchkrow, who swiftly dodged as Talon rejoined with Eredus and Adriana. Adriana looked at her two Pokemon and grinned. "Great job guys. Now let's see if Don can handle the rest of it," she said, giggling insanely.


Name: Shadow and Sunny
Location: Forest of Theives
Activity: Sensing Skarmory
Alliance: Noctowl

Shadow looked up at the sky and growled, sensing the Skarmory himself. Sunny even sensed them. Shadow gently laid Sunny on the ground and prepared for a battle but they were both surprised. Sunny looked up as Jolt spoke and even Shadow was surprised. He lowered his guard for the moment and picked up Sunny onto his back, making sure she was secure. Then Jolt said for Vape, the Vaporeon they assumed, to lead them to their cave. This was all confusing and Shadow stayed put for a moment.

Sunny used most of her strength to move her paw and tap Shadow's shoulder. "We can trust them, Shadow. We can't take on all of those Skarmory you know," she said. Though Sunny was hyperactive and still like a child, she had her mature moments. Shadow looked at Sunny and growled. "Alright, fine," he said, running quickly after Vape. As soon as they were in the bushes, the Skarmory were landing and Shadow followed after Vape.

As soon as they were at the cave, he set Sunny down on the cave floor. He ran outside the cave and picked one of the cheri berries outside of it. He took it back inside with him and gently put it into Sunny's mouth. "This will take away the paralysis," he said. Sunny chewed and swallowed the spicy Cheri berry and made a bleh! sound but soon the electrical charges around her body disappeared and she stood up. Shadow knew she hated spicy berries and looked to Vape. "Is there any water nearby?" he asked.

Just then, Jolt and Flame returned and he looked at Jolt, eyeing him. He didn't like Jolt one bit for hurting his sister but he had to put up with them, for his sister's sake. He looked away from Jolt as he spoke and huffed. "We're doing fine... thank you for helping us," he said, though the last part was reluctant but he knew if it weren't for the Three Devil Dogs he would be out there fighting Skarmory right now. It was obvious he was a bit mad at Jolt though.