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Default Re: Noctowl Guardians {RP}

Name: Aqua
Location: Tisaneya
Currently doing: Finding a message
Alliance: Noctowl

Aqua pulled out a piece of paper and handed it up to Eagle. It was written in a combination of English and Footprint Runes. Aqua couldn't read English, but she could read footprint runes and had managed to read: (with ??? being English)

"Come do ??? Skarmory to ???. ??? ??? ??? ??? ???? Eeveelution sisters must band together ????? ???? ??? ???.... Messenger ??? ??? Eeveelution sister ??? ??? ???......."

Name: Spark
Location: Outside Tisaneya
Currently doing: Running
Alliance: Skarmory

I raced up the roads to Tisaneya with the other Pokémon and Skarmory of the alliance. I easily overtook most others, racing ahead. I summoned a thunderstorm while running, thunder slamming down and instantly killing trees and people. I had been told I was killing evils. I hammered a Thunder up into one of the houses, setting it aflame..