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Default Re: Noctowl Guardians {RP}

Name: Prince Eagle Razenkorak
Location: In a bar in Tisaneya
Currently doing: Drinking at a Bar
Alliance: Noctowl

So she did remember him. In Prince Eagle's opinion she changed a lot. It was as if she changed from a little girl to responsibilities. As the Prince expected he saw her Noctowl. He was about to ask why she stopped him from talking when a Vaporeon came. Lolita's Noctowl said it have a message. At that moment Eagle's Noctowl came. "Correct speak little Vaporeon", Vole said. The Prince noticed how Vole always had him in high regard almost like his adviser and not Pokemon partner. It didn't bother him though. He waited for the Vaporeon to deliver the message. At that moment his other two Pokemon entered they were an Absol and Blaziken. Eagle looked at his Absol it sensed danger just like Vole that something was coming.


Name: Don Kyoti
Location: Razen
Currently Doing: About to get in a fight
Alliance: Skarmory

Don saw one of his troops yell if he needed help just yell at her. Don Kyoti scoffed. She must be new because if she was a regular troop in Don's section she would know that he never needed help. And would never need it. Don Kyoti's Skarmory soon came used an Air Slash. As the group of Noctowl Guardians flew to a wall. His Electrivire used Physic and then threw them as hard as he could to the ground. Don Kyoti then ran at them but the guy came and counter the attack with his sword. Quickly Don Kyoti grabbed his hidden blade but the guy quickly countered that too.

Soon they were locked in a heated sword fight while there Pokemon were battling. Don Kyoti never experience a guy like him before. He was really good. This might actually present to him a challenge.


Names: Jolt, Vape, Flame (Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon)
Location: The Forest of Thieves
Currently doing: Talking.
Alliance: Neutral

As the replies from the Umbreon came to them Jolt was a little impressed. If they were scouting most likely they weren't bad. Which meant they had to have courage. As he looked at the Espeon he used Volt Tackle on he heard something. "They are here", Flame said.

"Yes I feel it", Jolt said. Even though they were neutral they still collected some money from the Skarmory for up-keeping their forest. Technically it was belong to the Three Devil Dogs. But they allowed the Skarmory to rent it if they had a purpose. But if the Espeon and Umbreon were good the Skarmory would kill them.

Even though Jolt, Vape, and Flame never held back and never really cared about other Pokemon except themselves they knew they couldn't just let them die. "Hurry some Skarmory are coming hide somewhere", Jolt said, "No go to our cave. Vape show them the way. Flame and I will come back later soon. Treat the Espeon as well". Vape nodded and lead the way to their cave.

Soon almost 10 Skarmory were overhead and came down. "Hello Jolt", one of them said.

"Hello", Jolt replied.

"How many Pokemon and People are currently living her", he asked.

"Our inventory of citizens of the Forest of Thieves are 500 will be rising to 600 soon", Jolt said.

The Skarmory nodded and threw a bag at Flame's feet. "Here is the money make sure you dispose of any good ones", the Skarmory said. Soon it began to take off but stopped when Jolt yelled, "Wait".

"I have a stone that I want you all to inspect", Jolt said grabbing the stone with his mouth and giving it to the Skarmory, "Bring me the information as soon as you can". The Skarmory nodded and flew off with the other Skarmory. Jolt then raved Flame back to their cave. "So how are you doing", Jolt asked the Umbreon and Espeon.

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