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Default Re: Noctowl Guardians {RP}

Name: Lolita Savanna
Location: A bar in Tisaneya
Activity: Resting at a bar
Alliance: Noctowl

Lolita smiled happily at Dart as she drank her water. She took a sip of her own and ruffled the feathers on Dart's neck. "Hey Dart, how about when you finish your water we go and fly around for a bit? We could help Dusk scout the area out," she said. Dart looked up from her water and flared her wings out to her side, flapping them a little and giving off her cry. Lolita laughed and kissed Dart's forehead. "It's a deal then," she said.

Something made her look up though and even Dart did as they heard footsteps approaching. Dart looked at the man and instantly recognized him. "Pidgeot pidjoo pidjoo!" she cried, coming over to the prince and nuzzling him. Lolita watched Dart's reaction before suddenly recognizing him. Her drink almost slipped out of her hand but she quickly grabbed it without spilling a bit of it. She laughed and smiled at the prince. "Prince Eagle! Of course I remember you!" she said, smiling.

She then looked around as if looking for something and saw no one with him. She frowned at this. Maybe his fiance was killed... otherwise she would be with him... or lost, she thought to herself. She shook her head and smiled at Eagle. "It's a pleasure to see you again, Prince," she said. Before she could stand up and bow to him, Dusk flew into the tavern and landed on the table. "There's a situation outside. Not sure what's going, looks to be a scuffle of sorts though," he said.

Dusk then looked over to the Prince and flapped his wings before bowing in a greeting. "Prince Eagle, a pleasure to finally meet you. Lolita has spoken-" His sentence had suddenly cut off as she covered Dusk's beak with a nervous laugh. "Yea I told him how you and me met when you gave me Dart," she said, laughing again. She peeled her hand away from his beak and spoke quickly into his ear in a hushed voice. "Some things are meant to be left unsaid!" she said, blushing a bit. She then looked at the Prince, putting a hand behind her head.

"Anyway we should probably check out that situation out there. We are Noctowl Guardians after all," she said, smiling as she regained her composure. I'm surprised that the Prince remembered me since I was just a peasant then. Still, I have a duty to think about now, not this silly stuff, she thought, standing up and finishing her water. Dart walked away from the Prince's side then and flapped his wings, indicating he was ready. She then took two fingers into her mouth and whistled. A whinny was heard outside with a few grunting of men and suddenly a Rapidash bursted into the tavern with a whinny. Celerity slowed her run to a walk as she came to Lolita's side. Celerity pawed the ground, ready for a fight. "Well I'm ready," she said, looking to the prince. One thing was for sure, she was no longer the peasant he used to know.

Just then, she turned to the entrance as another Pokemon walked in. Dusk flew over to the Vaporeon and landed beside her. Lolita looked at the Vaporeon and raised a brow. "This Vaporeon seems to have a message for Prince Eagle," Dusk explained. Lolita looked to Dart and Celerity then to Prince Eagle. It wasn't about her so what else could she do or even say for that matter.


Name: Adriana Wyvern
Location: Razen
Activity: Watching Don
Alliance: Skarmory

Adriana already knew she couldn't stalk Don. It was fun to do so anyway. She looked down as she watched the fight with interest, not being seen by the Noctowl or his comrades. She already saw Don was having a hard time. She smiled and laid down on Eredus' back. Eredus looked behind him at her and tilted his head. "Aren't you going to help?" he asked. She shook her head. "Nope. I want to see his abilities. I honestly don't think he's qualified to tell me what to do, no matter what the Skarmory say," she said, rolling to her side to look down at the fight.

She smirked as she watched the battle. She knew it was going to be hard. Don already had one Pokemon down for the count. This was going to be interesting. She laid lazily on Eredus' back. "Hey Don! If you ever need any help, just let me know!" she shouted down to him and laughed. She knew the Noctowl and his chosen were going to be more focused on Don so she didn't care if they knew about her presence.


Name: Shadow and Sunny
Location: Forest of Theives
Activity: Fighting
Alliance: Noctowl

Shadow sighed as he watched the eeveelutions. He didn't bother joining and apparently the trainer wasn't sided with anyone. Suddenly his ears perked up as he heard Sunny cry out from a Volt Tackle. He stood up, seeing electrical sparks all over her body as she was hit with it. He may not fight to defend the human but his sister was another thing. As the Jolteon jumped onto his back, he ran off in a Quick Attack, probably taking the Jolteon by surprise as his Thunder Fang met earth. Either way, he went after the human and killed him before fainting the other Pokemon with him.

Sunny just stood in horror as she could do nothing about it with being paralyzed and Shadow ran to her side, helping her up. "Are you alright Sunny?" he asked. She nodded gravely. "Yea... I'm fine," she said, flinching as an electrical jolt went through her body. Shadow growled, angry, as he looked to the Eeveelutions, at which the Jolteon spoke. "We're only scouting around the area. I would assume you're the Three Devil Dogs I've been hearing about?" he asked. Sunny looked at the three eeveelutions and it hit her on who they were. Jolt, Flame, and Vape. They were neutral eeveelutions that had their own reasons for doing things instead of someone else's. She couldn't talk however, as she was hit with another jolt, still paralyzed.

((You didn't leave me with much else to do with these two xD also, there was too much going on for Shadow and Sunny to notice Melody and Flare just letting you know why I didn't include them))