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Default Re: Noctowl Guardians {RP}

Name: Aqua
Location: Tisaneya
What you are currently doing: Fighting
Alliance: Noctowl

Those who had pledged alliance to the Noctowl that were in Tisaneya were called The Eye of Tisaneya. Noctowl seemed to be everywhere, despite Tisaneya being a location for some Skarmory worship pilgrimiges (spelling?). I don't know why I'm here, I always relate Skarmory pilgrimage sites with Tisaneya, and I told the Noctowl I would never visit a Skarmory pilgrimage site.

Well, I just broke my rule. I walk through the streets of Tisaneya, looking for a particular someone. Prince Eagle, of course. The Noctowl needed to speak with him, and I had been sent to Tisaneya to find him and tell him about what the Noctowl wanted. I walk up towards the bar and who do I find but Prince Eagle! Well, saves a lot of trouble for me.

I cry out my Vaporeon cry and run towards Prince Eagle, yelling out Vapo-vapo-vaporeon, hoping to get his attention. I hope it works, because if it doesn't who knows what he could do to me?! Brr.....