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Default Re: Noctowl Guardians {RP}

Name: Prince Eagle Razenkorak
Location: In a bar in Tisaneya
Currently doing: Drinking at a Bar
Alliance: Noctowl

The Prince was enjoying his invention of a new drink. He knew in the future he would have to make a few changes to this amazing creation. He was thinking about his dead fiance. He spent the last 3 years searching for her. He let out a long sigh. He couldn't believe that she was dead and he wasted 3 years of helping the Noctowls. He knew that it was possible to revive her but that was almost impossible.

The only way would be helping the Noctowls and gaining a position the help Arceus and ask for his help. He chuckled as he took another drink. That was highly unlikely. He finished his drink. He was about to pay for it and go out the city to go to the nearby city called Sootopolis. Even though it was flooded it had some answers he would need. His Noctowl, Vole appeared. "Prince, they have a situation outside", he told him.

The Prince let out a long sigh. He wanted more Root Beer but he knew he had to help. He didn't want anyone to feel the pain of loss like he did. Then spent 3 damn years wandering around only to find that she is dead. The Prince left the money at his table and was leaving when he noticed someone. Could it be her? Lolita Savanna. He remembered her. Wow she looked different. She actually grew and is that a sword and that Pidgey he gave her. Was on its third stage of its evolution.

The Prince sensed something else about her though. It felt like she had special powers kinda of like him or like a Noctowl Guardian. He decided to go and talk to her. He pulled up a chair and said, "Hey Lolita you remember me".


Name: Don Kyoti
Location: Razen
Currently Doing: About to get in a fight
Alliance: Skarmory

Don Kyoti ran down the alley. He looked up above him and saw one of his troops. She thinks she could spy on him well she was wrong. He decided to let her keep on doing what she was doing. He then turned the alley and ran into a man running with a Noctowl, Infernape, and Pikachu. Too easy.

He ran and stabbed the man's shoulder. His Eletrivire then came and used a powerful Thunder. But the man blocked it. Then he just block a thunder. The Noctowl then flew at lighting speed using Brave Bird. It went right through his Aggron's chest. His Aggron fell to the ground in pain. He will be alright he will just regenerate it. But this battle might be hard.


Names: Jolt, Vape, Flame (Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon)
Location: The Forest of Thieves
Currently doing: About to get into a fight.
Alliance: Neutral

The thing that the Three Devils feared happened. Other people either anted the treasure or wanted to help the man. But then an Espeon used Physic on them. The thing about the Three Devil Dogs was that they were able to use every attack of their opponent's to their advantage.

As they came to a tree they put their paws down and bounced off the tree with force. Jolt then used Volt Tackle on the Espeon. Vape was running behind Flame then jumped off his back. She then used aqua jet and Flame used Flare Blitz. The two attacks fused and they had hit the man and his Gengar and Alakasm.

After Jolt's attack he ran and used did a flip and landed on the Umbreon. He then used Thunder Fang at a vital point. He ran off and was about to attack the Pachirisu but a Flareon came and dragged it off. Jolt then turned his attention to the man. He ran and used a Brick Break on his head. Instantly the man died. While Vape and Flame was battling the Gengar and Alakasm Jolt searched the man's pockets. He found a stone almost like a Thunder stone but different. He would ask a wise Noctowl later.

Being Neutral had its advantages. Jolt, Vape, or Flame could talk to a Skarmory or Noctowl if they had too. Jolt then barked a signal for Vape and Flame to move back. As they did Jolt used Thunderbolt making both of them faint. They attention was then turned to the Umbreon and Espeon. Would they want to fight him probably not. "What is your business here in my Forest", Jolt asked. Almost everyone knew the The Three Devil dogs and were afraid of them. These Pokemon should while they have the chance. Because once They taste blood Jolt and his brother and sister would kill them.

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