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Default Re: Noctowl Guardians {RP}

Name: Melody (Pachirisu)
Location: Forest of Thieves.
What you are currently doing: Talking to Flare.
(Extra)Which side are you on: Noctowls

I was jumping up and down and feeled like I was beign dragged away. "Yayayayayay.... Huh?" I said. I looked behind me. "HEY STOP PULLING ME, FLARE!!" I shouted. The Flareon bowed to me. "What the hell where you doing!" She asked. "I was running through the forest, saw them and I wanted to help them... But then you came and pulled me back!" I said to her. -I just wanted to help...- I thought. "It is unfair..." I said quietly. I knew if I were going back to the two I would be pulled back again by Flare! "Why does everyone treat me like a child... I can fight too..." I said quietly. "It is unfair..." I said quietly again. I took my tail. There were two tiny holes in the fur, but it didn't hurt. I sighed. I put my scythe back on my back. -Why does everyone treat me like a child...- I thought. I looked at the sky. "I'm... I'm sorry..." I said quietly.

Name: Michael (Swalot)
Location: Forest of Thieves.
What you are currently doing: Walking through the forest.
(Extra)Which side are you on: Skarmory's

I walked through the forest. "This must be the forest of thieves... I guess there will be some treasures here..." I said. I heared some voices. I could barely hear them. "Bu... hen... u... ame... nd... ulle... e... ack..." I knew it was a voice of a girl. I tried to walk in the direction of the voice. The voice were getting louder. "It is unfair..." The girl spoke quietly. I was behind a tree and I just looked very fast. I saw a Pachirisu and a Flareon. -Hmmmm.... They must be from the Noctowls... I just wait and take them out!- I thought.
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