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Default Re: Noctowl Guardians {RP}

Name: Flare
Location: Forest of Thieves
What you are currently doing: Hunting

I carefully stalked the Caterpie. I kept myself flat, edging along slowly. Then I raised my back legs and pounced, soaring through the air and landing on the Caterpie. My claws flashed out and blood trickled out the Caterpie. It didn't struggle. I must have killed it, which was my objective so it didn't matter. I started walking along, eating the Caterpie like a human would eat corn on the cob. I began to hear some hyperactive yells and shouts. I followed the sounds, still eating the Caterpie. As I followed the "yay"s, they got louder and louder.

Finally, I emerged into a clearing where a group of Eeveelutions were talking. A Pachirisu was jumping up and down, talking to them. She was obviously a young Pachirisu, and hyper. Hyper Pachirisu could be a bit too boastful, and that would let them down. I felt sorry for this Pachirisu, and walked up to it. I opened my mouth and took its tail in my mouth, only biting with my normal teeth so it wouldn't hurt. Besides, Pachirisu had loads of fur that would keep my teeth from hurting this Pachirisu.

I began to walk away, dragging the Pachirisu away with me. I quickly found a space in between two trees and dropped the Pachirisu. I could see the teeth marks in its fur, but they didn't dig too deep. I bowed my head at the Pachirisu ; a sign of respect. I looked calm, but I was so close to twitching. My whole body could move in seconds if the Pachirisu made a move.

"What the hell where you doing?" I asked.