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Default Re: Noctowl Guardians {RP}

OOC: Finally it's started. By the way... why don't we put on which side they are... because now I have to look all the way back in the SU thread...

Name: Melody (Pachirisu)
Location: Forest of Thieves. (I guess...)
What you are currently doing: Running hyperactive... O.o"
(Extra)Which side are you on: Noctowls

I ran through the forest. I didn't really knew why... But that's maybe because I'm still a kid... "YAYAAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAY!!!!" I said while running through the forest with my scythe on my back. I ran and ran till I found some other pokemon. It appeared they were all diferent kind of eeveelutions. I climbed into a tree so they wouldn't see me. The pokemon were talking to each other. I tried to stop to be hyperactive but I couldn't resist. "YAYAYAYYAY! Oops... I mean... MEOW! Just a cat! MEOW MEOW!" I shouted out of the tree. -Oh whatever... I'll just run out of the tree and do hyperactive stuff again!- I thought. I jumped out of the tree and came between the the eeveelutions. "YAYAYAYAYAY Hiya!" I said while jumping up and down. But I already saw that they just wanted to fight each other... I looked at the Umbreon and Espeon, I knew them but... I didn't knew the other pokemon. I jumped behind Shadow and Sunny. "You're fighting them? I wanna help! 3 vs 2 is unfair. But now I'm here so let's get started! YAYAYAYAY!!" I said while jumping up and down. Then I stopped jumping and took my scythe from my back. I smiled while holding my infront of me. "Okay were are we waiting for?" I said smiling.

Edit: Oops forgot Michael! I guess I'll do him in the next post... because I don't really know how to start there...
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