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Default Re: Through the Eyes of a Flareon ~ [PG]

xD Well you've gotten over yours!

Yeah. o: Maybe. I'm not sure yet. Dx I think it will be. Oh, well that's good to hear. ^^
Well, mostly... .0.

Oh, well I hope it will be! (If it isn't though, that's fine...I'd rather have a plot that makes sense. xD)

Yeah, exactly. Mm. Unless a pokemon got really angry or something. Dx Yep! Haha, exactly. I didn't intentionally not include any other fire types, but it works out in the end, I guess. xDD And that's what I thought--she's too small to be a threat anyway. Well...Shard wouldn't think so, anyway.

Dusty: Heh, no worries.

xDDD Haha. Um, I think so. :D (xD If you want.) Ahh, I see.
Yeah, didn't that happen in the anime? A pokemon got really angry and kept attacking after the other one fainted? I think it was a meowth fighting a persian. o: (I know I have the episode recorded on a VHS...that's where I saw it. XD) Yeah, I guess it does work out! Yeah, that's what I'd think!

Yep. Yeah, Sam's guest star. xD Yeah. I mean, it's not like you'd go there every so often to see who's a guest star and who's not anyway. x3 I guess it's not that important, but yeah. They all moved in with Habib. xD Yay for cats. xD

8D Haha, okay. Doesn't matter. Yay. If only I had the motivation. -.-
Haha, yeah. XD I guess not!

Do you have more motivation now? o: If not, we should keep talking about the stories!

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