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Default Re: Noctowl Guardians {RP}

Name: Lolita Savanna
Location: On the way to Tisaneya
Activity: Riding on Rapidash

Lolita watched her surroundings quietly as she rode upon Celerity's back who held a leather saddle with some pouches attached to it that held things such as rations and some few supplies. Dart flew above her at a slow pace with Dusk gliding by her side. They had a fairly pleasant ride on the way to Tisaneya, steering clear of places inhabited by the enemy. Her long red hair flowed behind her a bit as she enjoyed a smooth ride upon her Rapidash back. The sword she had was safely tucked in its sheath on the saddle of Celerity, her Rapidash.

As she came near to the Pokemon Stable, she relaxed a lot more, lessening her grip on the reins which she realized she had been holding too tightly. She gave a nervous laugh as Celerity whinnied and she rubbed her neck. "Sorry Celerity. I didn't realize it. Why didn't you tell me?" she asked in a mocking angry tone. Celerity whinnnied, rearing her head back slightly before bringing it back down with a shake of her head. Lolita giggled at Celerity and looked up above her at the other two Pokemon.

"Dart, Dusk, how are you two faring up there?" she called. Her Pidgeot, Dart, responded with a call of "Pidgeot pidjooo!" and flapped her wings faster, darting ahead to the bar that was located near the stable. Dusk stayed calm and by her side. "I'm doing fine but I think I'll go and patrol the area while you have your rest," Dusk replied.

Lolita nodded and mounted off of Celerity, smoothing out the blanket underneath the saddle as best as she could. "Alright Dusk. I'll see you sometime soon then," she said, used to Dusk going off on his own like that. Dusk nodded and flew off as she patted Celerity's neck. "Alright Celerity. I want you to stay here and get some rest in the stables. You could use some after all that walking, alright?" she asked with smile. Celerity nodded her head with a whinnie and walked into a stable as Lolita took her sword off of the saddle. She hooked it to her side and walked toward the bar.

There at the entrance, Dart had been waiting, the necklace she had as a baby wrapped around her neck. It was a gold medal with the signature of the prince's family crest carved into it. It always reminded her where she orginially got Dart from and who as well. She briefly wondered how the prince was doing as Dart walked into the bar and she took a seat as well. "Me and Dart will just have some water please," she said as the waiter came over to her. He nodded and she looked at Dart with a smile. "Well, it seems our luck is changing a bit at least. Before we would have gotten lost with my directions," she said with a light laugh. Even Dart laughed and she glared at her. "Hey! Show some support will you?" she asked and Dart just tilted his head.

Lolita giggled and then looked up as the waiter came back with a bowl of water and a glass of water. He set the bowl down in front of Dart and the glass in front of Lolita, who raised it to him in thanks. One thing was for sure, Lolita certainly had grown up a lot in the past three years.


Name: Adriana Wyvern
Location: Razen
Activity: Stalking Don

Adriana glared as she leaned back against her Honchkrow's soft wing, not liking where she had to go one bit. The Skarmory sent her to be with Don in Razen but she had not made herself known yet as she stayed in an alleyway with her Honchkrow and Weavile. Eredus, her Skarmory, was scouting out the territory. She looked up with her dual colored eyes as she heard something up on the rooftop and it was Silver, Don's Skarmory talking.

She gave a scoff and stood up, stretching along with Talon, her Honchkrow. Blade, her Weavile, suddenly appeared in the alleyway. "Weavile weav weav," he said. Adriana looked back up to Don as he jumped down from the rooftop, knowing what was going on. She looked up as Eredus returned. Before he could speak, she was. "I already know Eredus. Let's just stalk Don for the fun of it and help him if he needs it," she said, smiling. Eredus grinned at Adriana and nodded. "Of course," he said, putting himself low to the ground.

Adriana climbed onto Eredus back as Blade climbed onto Talon's. Both bird Pokemon took to the sky and followed above Don. Of course, knowing his Skarmory, they would probably sense Eredus' presence but she didn't care. She just felt like stalking Don. Besides, if it was a Noctowl with a human and their Pokemon, they were probably more powerful than Don realized.


Name: Shadow and Sunny
Location: Forest of Thieves
Activity: Scouting around

Shadow growled as his sister pounced all around him, looking here and there in bushes as he continued to just walk. Sunny was so annoying sometimes but he just let her be herself, not allowing himself to loose his temper because Sunny would just pull that old trick and start crying and calling him mean. He always felt sorry after she did this and when he did say sorry, she always perked right back up and continued what she was doing, much to his annoyance.

Sunny giggled and pounced on top of Shadow suddenly, making him fall to the ground with an "Oof!" sound. He nipped at Sunny's neck and glared at her softly with his red eyes. "Must you always be playing around, Sunny?" he asked. Sunny smiled and got off of Shadow, prancing as she took the lead. "Of course! With all the doom and gloom you bring someone has to be happy!" she said, laughing. Shadow sighed and shook his head.

Just then, Sunny's ears perked up as she heard the sounds of a battle. "Shadow, do you hear that?" she asked. Shadow stopped as well and nodded. "I do. Let me guess, you want to investigate?" he asked. Sunny nodded. "Of course! We're with the Noctowls, we help those in trouble!" she said as she bounded off. Shadow growled and headed after her at a walking pace, putting him behind her. He sighed and hung his head, shaking. "Why do we have to get involved in everything?" he asked to no one in particular.

Sunny arrived first on the scene to see three fellow eeveelutions attacking a trainer and his two Pokemon. The Espeon gasped and her eyes glowed blue as she used a Psychic attack to bathe the three eeveelutions in a blue aura and throw them backwards away from the trainer into a tree, each of them hitting an individual tree. She ran up and stood beside the trainer as she glared down the three Eeveelutions. "Get out of here!" she said as she looked up to the human, though all he probably heard was "Esp espeon!" She then sent out a mental warning but the stubborn human and his Pokemon shook their heads.

At this point, Shadow was arriving on the scene to see the three Eeveelutions probably getting back to their feet after that attack. He joined Sunny on the other side of the trainer and looked over to her. "Guess we're fighting our sister and brothers?" he asked, since he referred to the whole branch as his family. Sunny nodded. "Only to defend this human. Get ready, Shadow," she said.

Shadow looked at the human and tilted his head. "Are you sure he's not with the Skarmory, Sunny?" he asked. Sunny hadn't thought of that and she looked at Shadow. "No..." she responded. Shadow raised a brow at Sunny and he stood down, sitting on his haunches. "Well I'm not defending him in case he is. We'll probably find out soon enough," he said, looking back at the three eeveelutions. Sunny rolled her eyes and looked at the Eeveelutions. "Why did you attack this human and his Pokemon?" she asked, staring them down.

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