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Matt Dyer
A kid with a loaded god complex and a Sandshrew, he has always had other peoples best intentions in heart and never really stops to spend time just thinking about himself, in these times of trouble he just wanted to get away from Pallet Town to spread his wings and see what was going to wrong with society. Leaving Pallet Town was tough for Matt as there was this girl that he really liked, her name is Amy, they're the same age and have grown up with each other but she doesn't want to leave Pallet town because of everything that is going wrong with the World of Pokemon.
Sandshrew | Charmander

Amy Williams
Amy grew up in Pallet town, with her brother and her mother, her father wasn't around, at all for her growing up, where he was is a complete mystery and that is all yet to be uncovered as Matt's adventure continue.

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