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Holds On
No Weather
OHKO Clause
Freeze Clause
Sleep Clause
E4 Ataro: Infernape, Metagross, Salamence, Starmie, Gengar, Sceptile
LS the Door Mat: Garchomp, Starmie, Yanmega, Salamence, Metagross, Aerodactyl

ER was reffing like 3/4 of this, then AS finished the last quarter.

Both leads started off with Stealth Rocks, while Infernape then managed to Encore Garchomp successfully on the second turn, which left Stealth Rock to fail. Starmie was switched in, but was Roared out by Infernape instead, and in came Yanmega whom took heavy damage due to Stealth Rock. This was basically where LS started taking control, since Yanmega used Air Slash to break Infernape's Substitute on the first turn as Ataro predicted a Detect instead. This was followed up by a Metagross switch in on the Yanmega's Air Slash. Although Yanmega couldn't do much to Metagross, a Hypnosis hit at a dice roll of 60 left Ataro struggling thereafter. Still, Metagross stayed in and received another Air Slash and a Bug Buzz after that while still asleep, which forced Ataro to switch as another Bug Buzz would have KO'd. Salamence was switched in and didn't do too good as well, due to the rocks on the field and the incoming Bug Buzz. LS then went with an Ancientpower, while Salamence simply Roared the Yanmega away. However, LS' Salamence came in instead and won the speed tie, and was able to KO Ataro's Salamence that was already weakened. Ataro sent Starmie in this time and made use of Trick but Salamence stayed in with Crunch instead, which crippled Starmie badly, leaving it at like 27%, while Choice Scarf and Life Orb were swapped. Ataro got Metagross in now to take on the Outrage, while also getting in a Bullet Punch before being KO'd by the Life Orb recoil on Metagross itself. This time, Infernape was sent back in and used Rock Tomb, only to have a Garchomp switched in. Wanting to cripple the Garchomp, Ataro went with Will-O-Wisp, only to have it miss and Garchomp's Earthquake to KO. Again, Starmie was sent back in and used Confuse Ray, but a Metagross was switched in instead. Still, Metagross was confused, so Starmie tried Recover, but Metagross got through the confusion with a roll of 94 and slammed Starmie with a Thunderpunch. Next turn, Starmie tried Recover again, but Metagross snapped out of confusion this time and hit with Thunderpunch yet again. Ataro tried Confuse Ray once more, and Metagross finally smacked on the second attempt. A Recover was attempted and this time it worked, for Metagross smacked on the second turn. On the third turn however, Starmie went with Thunder which missed while Metagross still smacked itself. On the fourth turn, Starmie went with Waterfall which didn't managed to flinch, and Metagross actually snapped out of confusion and went with Thunderpunch which paralyzed Starmie as well. Luckily though, the Metagross smacked next turn out of confusion, so Ataro was able to get Starmie to use Rest. At this point, Metagross then exploded, only to have its target changed to a Gengar being switched in instead. Salamence was then sent in and did a Outrage while Gengar scouted with Protect. However, just when Ataro was finally managing to balance up the game, he forgot about Intimidate and used Sucker Punch which obviously was missing a KO by like 5%. Next turn, Gengar went with Sucker Punch again, knocking out both the user and the target. Now, both Starmies were sent into the field. Immediately though, Ataro's last hidden mon was switched into play, and LS' Starmie's Thunderbolt hit the Sceptile that was switched in. Then, Sceptile OHKO'd the Starmie with a Leaf Storm and Roared out the Garchomp that was sent in afterward, not before taking a Dragon Claw first however. Yanmega was Roared in and was knocked out by Stealth Rocks, while LS then had his final hidden mon in, which was Aerodactyl. Aerodactyl finished off the weakened Sceptile with a Crunch, leaving Ataro's Starmie to be forced. LS went with Rock Tomb this time, while Ataro went with Thunder Wave, paralyzing the speedy mon. Starmie tried Substitute next turn but to no success, since Aerodactyl simply broke it with a Crunch. Then, Starmie went with a Recover while Aerodactyl happened to be fully paralyzed instead. Starmie did a Psych Up after this to get rid of the SPD-1 from Rock Tomb, while Aerodactyl continued to be fully paralyzed. Finally, Starmie was able to finish off with Surf and OHKO Garchomp with a Ice Beam. btw, this took like 5 hours

Ataro: $4,000
LS: $3,000

Masami should get $3,000.
AS should get $1,000.

Salary: $1,500

urpg stats . the ultra dex .
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