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Default Re: Oddly Strange Pokemon Adventure of Unusalness | Choose your own story

You drop the stick and let her have it. While she rolls it around on the floor, you throw a pokeball which sucks her inside. She tries to escape, but eventually gives up. You'd caught another Pokemon.

You come out from behind the tree to see loads of police. One says to you, "Are you responsible for the death of Professor Elm?"

What do you say back?

a. "No way, dork."
b. "Of course not sir."
c. "No, but I did rob a bank."
d. "Yeah. What you going to do about it?"

Your team
(Since you don't follow league rules, you have unlimited Pokemon on you at a time.)
Charmander, M
Cyndaquil, F - Has a giant hole in her head
Rayquaza, M
Bulbasaur, M
Totodile, M
Chickorita, M
Squirtle, F
Skitty, F - Is always holding a twig in her mouth

Searching for
Regice with fire on it's back.

May be on team

House information
Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh.
Filled with money.


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