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Default Re: Oddly Strange Pokemon Adventure of Unusalness | Choose your own story

You pick a stick up off the ground and start to poke the Skitty with a stick. It wakes up and bites the stick, not wanting to let go. What do you do?

a. Let her have it.
b. Shake it off her.
c. Catch her while you have the chance.

Your team
(Since you don't follow league rules, you have unlimited Pokemon on you at a time.)
Charmander, M
Cyndaquil, F - Has a giant hole in her head
Rayquaza, M
Bulbasaur, M
Totodile, M
Chickorita, M
Squirtle, F

Searching for
Regice with fire on it's back.

May be on team

i can't love you more than this
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