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Default Re: Oddly Strange Pokemon Adventure of Unusalness | Choose your own story

(I don't know, that's the first thing I thought of.)

You jump into Johto by magic then search for the perfect tree. You find one and poke your head behind it. There's a sleeping Skitty (in Johto?!). What do you do?

a. Wake it.
b. Capture it without waking it.
c. Poke it with a stick.
d. Ignore it.

Your team
(Since you don't follow league rules, you have unlimited Pokemon on you at a time.)
Charmander, M
Cyndaquil, F - Has a giant hole in her head
Rayquaza, M
Bulbasaur, M
Totodile, M
Chickorita, M
Squirtle, F

Searching for
Regice with fire on it's back.

May be on team

i can't love you more than this
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